PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 1.1 (Core) Update 12.10.2015 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch 1.1 by Yair

* balancing stamina system for both AI and P1
* much better play by the AI , they shot more from outside the box.
* feel the weight of the player(realistic)


Password: yairpatchcore

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  1. Could anyone give me 3DM Crack? Yes, I used google, I found it. But I cant unpack files, it is always broken for me. So please pack it with zip/rar and post somwhere here. Thanks a lot !

  2. Thank you for your work Yair!!! But can you change and increase “animation speed” for gameplay please!!? It will be great and make a nice game, more realistic and very interesting.

  3. Why there is no one can explain do we execute it from the yairpatch .exe or the game pes2106.exe?

    When we patch it into the game folder..

    • Rename the patch .exe tp “PES2016.exe”, then copy and paste it into the games main folder and overwrite the games original .exe file. Just be sure you use the 3DM crack, otherwise it won’t work! :)

      • Okay this is to Copy and paste the .exe into the game folder but how come we need to copy 3DM crack again into the .exe which overwrite it..

        Will the patch still work after paste the 3DM?

        Last question after copy the 3DM crack how do I know the patch is in it?

  4. can you fix referee decision too ? AI always tackle and never get fouled . make me angry sometime , if i make tackle . referee give me card . shit referee

    • Nothing to know the patch is work or not work.. When you paste yair-patch, it wont start and we copy-paste a cracked into the game, we wont know does yair-patch still working or not as its cracked .exe and no longer yair-patch .exe

      Can someone or uploader explain abit more detail?


    Download 3dm crack – it comes with other files, not just .exe

    put all files in the folder.

    download this file, play it. DONT RUN 3dm file, run this file as .exe

    • First of all thanks for your explanation but I still cant find a fine original 3DM crack in web as anyone try to modify the name away to their..

      I only know 3DM come with “Chinese” txt guide with the crack so i cant really find elsewhere..

  6. Waow … more gameplay … more football … more pleasure
    However, animations and reflexes goalkeepers deserve to be a little improved. I hope the community will talk to KONAMI… We are PES and we must work with them too ;-)

    • yes there is problem with keepers reflexes every shot equal goal when the IA shoot i didnt had that problem wiht 1.0 patch

  7. It works perfectly. The gameplay is good, but the goalkeepers are very weak. It’s to easy to score. I won a 7min match 5-3. :)

    www17. /v/ipWm0Ue6/file.html

    delete 2 spaces.

    btw – unpack with newest WINRAR

  9. Hi Yair! Great job! I really like the gameplay!
    But to be honest I guess it needs more fouls and injuries, I never have the chance to shoot a penalty kick and rarely a free kick, can you adjust that and improve the goalkeepers?? If you do that your gameplay will be PERFECT!!!

    • It does something, making it more real and less script base..
      But still the REF still dull, not much cards is issue and GK need to improve more to get it near perfect..

  10. its almost perfect, however, the GK weak and easy too score…REF give less card to AI when they made a foul tackle….

  11. Guys why after starting yairs exe patch you turn pes off from steam and start again and it will not load it says “pes2016 is already running” ???? there is no pes exe running in proccesses or anything so how do we start yairs exe patch again ?