PES 16 Day One Patch + Update [Released 1.10.15] by laim

What’s New:
Full GDB kits 2015-2016 for SkyBET Champioship and Bundesliga.
Updated a lot of other uniforms.
Additional transfers.
Updated Boots.

Screen PES 2016 DayOnePatch Update [30.10.15] PES 2016 DayOnePatch

In General You’ll Get:

All missing uniforms, emblems for:
English Premier League, Primeira Liga de Portugal, SkyBET Championship, Serie B, Seria A.
Complete Bundesliga.
All missing uniforms, emblems for National teams.
Real emblems for any national or international tournament.
Main transfers. Real team names.
Improved Boots, Gloves, Balls.
Original optimization.

PES 16 Day One Patch [18.09.15]

mediafire zippyshare

PES 16 Day One Patch Update [30.10.15]

mediafire zippyshare

Patch does not contain elements which could be a hindrance of online connection.
This patch is only “necessary foundation”.

If you want to add something else, you always can add it separatly using “DpFileList Generator” or “DpFileList Editor” etc..

How to:

1. Download DayOnePatch first

2. Find your main folder of PES 2016 (contains “pes2016.exe” file)
Copy content from “download” folder to your “download” folder with replacing
(if you still don’t have one just put folder here)

3. Find your “save” folder (contains “EDIT00000000” file)
…Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save\
Copy content from “save” folder to your “save” folder with replacing.

4. The same way you have to install the Update after


Big gratitude to everyone, whose work has helped in the creation of the patch, whose work helps people to get more pleasure from the game. Right now//

Thank YOU!

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  1. Nice patch.
    It’s light and a solid foundation.
    All I feel it needs is some better transfers, for example Gerrard is still in Liverpool and some of the SkyBet Championship teams are still incorrect.

  2. Nice work but some national team are totaly wrong like croatia , seria a zero tranfer , serie b the same , premier league too and i didint see the other

  3. 93 % transfer correct
    I check Woflsburg, still no Draxler. Heung-Min Son is still not at Tottenham.
    So many fake face at dortmund, hope you fix it bro.
    Thank you for this patch.

    I think this is the best patch for pes 2016 until now.

    • hiiii…. kits are not getting updated . any idea y ??? . i got the emblems correct names and all , but kits are still d same . help plz

  4. This patch is a disgrace gerrard still at liverpool after installing this.Fed up of amateurs uploading trash to this webpage.I paid good money for this game and so far everyone thats uploaded a patch here as failed big time

    • Better you don’t download pes 2016 patch anymore.
      People try to make patch so fast but you just whining all the time. what will you do ? crying ? whining ? just be patient.

      Do you want better patch ? wait until PTE or Galaxy release their patch.
      Maybe end of October.

      did you buy this game ??? why do you still here ?

    • No Mr Penguin you are the disgrace. where s your patch? no I thought as much. Stop your whining and GTFO of here.

  5. Good work mate.. but please fix names of Bosnia&Herzegovina squad :S im waiting for that all the time.. and where is Kolasinac in Schalke04 ? thank you :)

  6. Would someone please tell me if i should download this if i already have the bundesliga v1 patch? This will replace that patch? Can i have two patches such as a no crowd patch and the stadium fix together?

  7. Bundesliga emblem ingolstadt incorrect, serie B ganzorachio fake team , please add Brescia, Ascoli and Virtus Entella instead Catania (Serie C) Teramo and Ganzorachio.

  8. . Find your “save” folder (contains “EDIT00000000″ file)
    …Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save\
    Copy content from “save” folder to your “save” folder with replacing????????????????????????????????????????? what does that mean

  9. Part 3 , go to documents, you see folder konami , open folder and paste the file in folder save ( overwrite ). And play

  10. Pretty decent for now if you want correct names. But it has like you said only the main transfers. Many are still missing. But nice work for now.

  11. Hi, what i have to do after copy all files?. I have copy save a download files, now what??My squads don´t update.

  12. I’m grateful for this and I know it’s a lot of work but come on… if you’re going to add teams that Konami didn’t even bother to create this year (most of Bundesliga teams), at least try to create some genuine faces. Watching Leverkusen squad was painful, specially Leno with that 80’s redneck haircut.

  13. transfer in Eredivisie League and France Ligue 1 is not correct!!!
    for example in this season Sigthórsson (from Ajax) transfer to Nantes. and Živković (form Ajax) transfer to Willem II. and Heitinga (from Atlético Madrid) transfer to Ajax …
    Also some player’s position is the wrong, for example in Ajax celeste is Forward (but he is goalkeeper)!!!!

  14. i still don’t understand how to install

    this point make me confuse
    “Copy content from “download” folder to your “download” folder with replacing
    (if you still don’t have one just put folder here)”

    so i need make new folder then named it download ?

  15. hi, i have a problem, so I installed this patch and my question is, how can i install another one? i generate both (this patch and faces), and the second owerwrited the first, and when i rename the patch out of service…i want premier league + new depay faces and etc. so pls tell someone how its work…thank y all.

  16. Ive trawled through many patches on this site since the game came out, and this is by far the best one i have found. No crashes so far all kits/badges and team names are spot on also with 3rd kits too, and the Bundesliga was a bonus in my eyes. just not 100% complete transfers but thats easily done in game manually. Well done props to all the guys involved creating this patch

  17. Esto sirve para Pes PC original ??? hace poco instale el parche de Estarlen Silva y se me desconectan los rivales !!! por eso pregunto… tuve que sacar el parche para que funcionara normalmente.

  18. Patch is really good, but some player names in national teams are incorrect (for example team of the Czech republic). Will you fix it in next update? Thanks!

  19. I wonder this day one patch is the official pes2016 1.01 or this is a custom made patch work on official day one patch?

  20. Please write true name of Iranian Player in International team ! I swear to god we dont have any player with bogovich name !!!!!!!!!!! We have ASHKAN DEJAGAH , ANDERANIK TEYMORIAN . SARDAR AZMON. JAVAD NEKONAM , MEHRDAD POOLADI .

  21. How to get it to work with PES 2016 after EURO 2016 update? If I replace the downloads folder with yours, my datapack version says, “unimplemented”. Can you please post an update which is compatible with current PES 2016 version?

    Thank you!