PES 2016 CPK Unlock Edit Stadiums (Linking and Names) Shared by Kiuhek

I am sharing with you a CPK that unlocks the edit mode for Stadiums, so you can link the Stadiums to teams and you can edit the names. Works with E.Silva Stadiums Pack.

Download PES2016 CPK Unlock Edit Stadiums (Linking and Names) by Kiuhek

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  1. Hey Bro thanks for this CPK but when i generate this i wanted to check Camp Nou and play a match there but when i select the stadium it just keeps loading if this has a solution i’d be thankful to you if u help me

  2. como puedo adaptar este cpk “stadiums edit” para que sea compatible con el parche de estadios españoles y cumpla su función, saludos!

  3. this thing is make change only estarleen silva stadium names?..and what about other stadiums?because i dont use estarleen silva pack..and if i want edit stadium name, i do it from the bin file.full stop!