PES 2016 Advanced HD Graphics by Paras

Here I Present you the AdvancedHD Mod PES 2016. It is one of the best of graphic mods available till now. This is a Reshade Mod which fully changes the look and feel of the game by awesome new features.

Download PES 2016 AdvancedHD Graphics by Paras PES2016 AdvancedHD Graphics by Paras

– Comparable to PS4 Graphics
– HDR Colors
– Advanced auto Lighting (Ambient Light)
– Sharp and Crisp Textures
– Both FXAA and SMAA antialising
– No performance loss ( only low end pcs have a bit stuttering)
– A bit Dark color touch for PS4 Look
– New and Improved Skin Colour
– Better Sweat, Rain, Dirt Textures


How to Install:

1) Extract the contents of the zip file
2) Depending on your OS architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) copy contents of that folder to your game directory
Eg Mine is 32 bit so i will copy all the files in 32 bit folder to my game directory (i.e C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
3) Launch and enjoy the game!

Incase of Crash:
1) Make sure you copied correct files (I.e 32 bit/64 bit depending on your OS)
2) If Incase ( though it shouldnt happen) there is crash for 64 bit users then in the 64 bit folder there is a Reshade64.dll, copy it to your game directory and rename it to d3d9.dll

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  1. Features:
    – Comparable to PS4 Graphics <— Not true.Only saturated until becoming really shitty. It hurts your eyes so much saturated colours.

    – Sharp and Crisp Textures <— What??? Even the fonts in the game become fuzzy.

    – No performance loss ( only low end pcs have a bit stuttering)<— I can play it full res in high quality with plenty other mods. Only with your reshade and everything else disabled game becomes unplayable, terribly laggy. Please don´t lie saying it has no performance loss.

    – A bit Dark color touch for PS4 Look <— A bit? Seriously? You call that "a bit"? Colours saturation is so damned high that my eyes cries!!!!

    Worst graphic improvement I´ve ever tried for this game. Doesn´t deserve downloading it. Menus and in game colours become pure shit, and the game becomes unplayable and looks terribly ugly.

  2. OK guys I do not really know why is it lagging because I have only a minor lag with me, though I will try to make it lighter in the next version!

  3. Also this is for notice that if you have nvidia gfx then please disable any changes you have made to the game with nvidia control panel (the game settings should be default in nvidia panel) or it can interfere with mod and same goes with amd panel

  4. with GTX 970 the works fine , good improvement but i think it’s a little too dark. But still it’s good job mate. Thanks