PES 2016 Advanced HD Graphics V1.1 by Paras

Here I Present you the AdvancedHD Mod PES 2016. It is one of the best of graphic mods available till now. This is a Reshade Mod which fully changes the look and feel of the game by awesome new features.

Download PES2016 Advanced HD Graphics V1.1 by Paras Advanced HD Graphics V1.1

– Comparable to PS4 Graphics
– HDR Colors
– Advanced auto Lighting (Ambient Light)
– Sharp and Crisp Textures
– A bit of Vibrance
– No performance loss ( only low end pcs have a bit stuttering)
– A bit Dark color touch for PS4 Look
– New and Improved Skin Colour
– Better Sweat, Rain, Dirt Textures
–Lag Fixed To an Extent


How to Install:
1) Extract the contents of the zip file
2) Depending on your OS architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) copy contents of that folder to your game directory
Eg Mine is 32 bit so i will copy all the files in 32 bit folder to my game directory (i.e C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
3) Launch and enjoy the game!

PES 2016 Graphics V1.1 by Paras

Incase of Crash:
1) Make sure you copied correct files (I.e 32 bit/64 bit depending on your OS)
2) If Incase of excess lag or crash on 64 bit ( though it shouldnt happen) then in the 64 bit folder there is a Reshade64.dll, copy it to your game directory and rename it to d3d9.dll


if you have nvidia gfx then please disable any changes you have made to the game with nvidia control panel (the game settings should be default in nvidia panel) or it can interfere with mod and same goes with amd panel

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      • I appreciate the effort. I tried the mod and I really can’t tell a difference unless i’m doing something wrong. I’m running Windows 8.1 x64 and installed PES 2016 in the default folder c:\program files (x86) and I copied all the files from the 64 bit folder you provided.

        The game still looks the same as far as I can see.

          • when you launch the game does it show the compiled effect succesffully or such message on top of game, if no you are doing it wrong , try redownloading? and moreover i hope you did no changes to mod except just copy-pasting it? also dont forget to delete any previous mods of reshade/sweetfx or any like that

  1. Hi Paras, Just wondering whats going wrong with this on my setup, I have a gtx 970, when i start the game it shows reshader version web address etc, but says ‘Compiling effect failed!’

    Im running the game at 4k dsr, and previous sweet fx versions i dont have any issues with. Cant see any other mention of PES & reshader issues on the reshader forum. Any Ideas?

    thanks mate

    • Brother, firstly make sure your zip which you downloaded isnt corrupt (try redownloading). Make sure that you remove all the sweetfx files so that they dont interfere (dont replace but first delete sweetfx files and folder and then copy my mod). also make sure you havent made changes to the game in nvidia control panel as it can maybe cause problems.
      If this doesnt work, i am out of ideas for now, lastly you can try reducing resolution a bit like 1080p or something

  2. Paras,

    Thankyou for the response, It turned out to be a d3d9.fx file let over from previous sweet fx mod as you suggested.. thanks for that!

    looks great, very much like the PS4! good work

  3. Friend, your work is spectacular … takes the game to another level !!! … thank you for people like you who are concerned with improving disaster that takes konami pc !! … keep it up!

  4. I tried it but after showing all that message when the game starts, it crashes my video card. Followed the instructions to the letter but keep getting videocard crashed and recovered. I’m using 64bit os windows 7. What’s happening?

  5. I still tried the 32 bit version and same result. Screen goes blank after it say compilation effect succeeded and i get the message, ‘graphics driver just recovered from a serious crash’

    • thats the only problem that it lags for some people on 64 bit, i am just fedup searching a fix for it, i am trying :). Can you please give me the d3d9.log file found in the pes directory on running the game?

  6. Graphics work, amazing (y)
    lag on x64, try x32 or x64, some lag, try x32 and copy reshade64.dll rename d3d9, script on start screen not runing

    Good job, fix x64 :)

    • Some lag is normal but excess lag on x64 is bad and I will try to fix. Can you try this. Launch the game with my mod, when the game is starting press scroll lock (it will disable my mod) and then start a match and in the match press scroll lock again (to enable my mod) maybe that will not give lag in match

  7. my computer is win 7 sp1 32-bit. when i use your folder 32bit, my computer have problem is ” pes 2016 has stoped working”. Please help me!!!

  8. can someone share me an old file back??I replace with it but seem like the face of player look darkest

  9. after copying d mod files….my graphics did improved but game is lagging….
    my laptop specs are i3 dual core…4 gb ram, 2 gb graphic card of nvidia geforce 710M …plzz help me out…