This is a Reshade File that tries to emulate the next-gen version of PES 2016 on consoles
and combine it with a TV-broadcast like look.

It strictly requires a High-End PC to run this mod since most effects that are being used
are depth-based and shadowing enhancements, which demands alot of FPS.

– Revamped brightness and lighting
– Luscious green pitch.
– Completely altered color and skin tones for players
– Enhanced shadowing/occlusion
– Added soft bloom
– Balanced sharpening
– Added depth of field
– Spherical tonemapping
– Added simulated motion blur
– Many little more things to mention

uploaded mediafire

1. Extract the contents of the folder of PES nEXT (64 or 32 bit, depending on your system)
2. Copy and Paste it to you PES game directory (usually found in C/:program files (x86)/Pro Evolution Soccer)
3. Run the game

In case of Crash/Error
1. Make sure you copy and pasted the proper files (64 or 32)
2. Run the game as admin

Makers of framework Crosire/Lucifer Hawk/Marty Mcfly/Ioxa, PTE patch makers, Estarlen Silva.

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  1. Do not downland this suit ,the image quality is blurry and kills the frame rate (30) , makes 980ti gtx runs like a turtle
    The creator of this file must be declair a NOOB of 2015…

  2. Won’t work despite me copying the correct file, kept having a messege on the corner of my screen that won’t go away even after i deleted the files, so this mod literally forced me to reinstall the entire game just to be able to remove the message…

  3. Friend…fix – solution.
    en la carpeta del reshade, busquen el archvio CustomFX.cfg.
    ahi cambien lo siguiente:
    #define GaussTexScale 0 cambiar a: #define GaussTexScale 2
    #define BloomTexScale 0 cambiar a: #define BloomTexScale 2

    Con eso ya no tendran lag..
    espero haber ayudado…
    soy de peru.

  4. nice reshade!! its almost looks like the ps4 version.. if you can make it darker just like the ps4 version will be greatt!! and add more motion blurr,, im enjoying this reshade so much!! keep up the good workk!!