Best SWEETFX PES 2015 by Paras Jasal

Here I Present you the best sweetFX 2015 settings which will make the game alive with vibrant colors and will give you an awesome feel.

Best SWEETFX PES 2015 by Paras Jasal


How to Install:
1) Extract the Downloaded Zip
2) Copy the downloaded zip to install directory

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        • i am not able to install plz help… which file have to copy ( 1 or 2 )??
          1—- when i open the extracted folder.. i see some files, are these files we need to copy
          2—- when i open the extracted folder, there is one more folder named sweetfx, if i went inside it, there r 3 folders, in which shaders (folder) also contains some files….

          result — which one we should copy!!

          • and where we should copy… the place where the application is present?
            plz ans. my 2 questions

          • Hello,
            When you extract the zip, all the files you see (All the files inside and outside) should be copied. You should copy it to the game directory (where all files of game are present, EG:- mine directory is C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
            (mine is non steam version if you bought from steam you find it elsewhere in steam folder)

  1. that means that we just have to open that extracted folder then the files we see copy into the game directory?