Unlock 100 Boots using WENS boots Pack In PES2016 by PolarisNine

Download Unlocked 100 Boots using WENS boots Pack In PES2016

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It May Work Perfectly. Use Baris Tool to apply it. Credit : WENS

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  1. Works a treat, thanks Hagi!!!

    For those stuck with installation, go to http://www.pes-patch.com/2015/02/pc-dpfilelist-generator-v1-5-by-baris.html and download the DPfilelist generator, unzip whatever bootpack you have and place the files (CPK) into your ‘download’ folder within your main PES15/16 folder, now open the generator and go to the download folder and select the CPK file, set your DLC type (box in top left) and click generate – you should now see your new DPfilelist freshly created – boom you’re done, load up the game and enjoy. Don’t forget to say thanks to the author! Good luck!