PESSound 15 Beta v0.2 By Devil Cold52 and Mustafa U.

Download PESSound 15 Beta 0.2 By Devil Cold52 and Mustafa U.

These program will be able to change the music you want in the game,program has a quite simple usage .
find audio files to change need start program,Menu music are dt40.cpk


– CPK opens and AWB file lists.
– Listed AWB files export and change sounds.
– Record a sound file and import back to awb’y.
– CPK File Saving or Saving a different location.
– Sound Rate, Bit and channel Change settings.
– HCA and ADX files WAV convert the file play.
– Sound files import and export be able to.

They will be in the new version:
– Sound conversion window.
– CPK and AWB Creator…
– AWB open.

uploaded yandex

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  1. This tool can’t start… sorry :X wheres the problem ???
    where’s need to be the tool files – in game foder or in other folder…??

  2. Hi I want to ask, if you do not know how to change the sound of audiences around Gole dog is an awesome game but sound bad compared fife dakujem