PES 2016 Unlock 38 Balls (From Default PES 2016) by A20Group

Download PES2016 Unlock 38 Ball (From Default Pes2016) by A20Group

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Balls List:
WE-PES 00’s
WE-PES 30’s
WE-PES 40’s
WE-PES 50’s
WE-PES 60’s
WE-PES 2002
WE-PES 2003
WE-PES 2007
WE-PES 2008
WE-PES 2009 Claw
WE-PES 2010
WE-PES 2011
WE-PES 2012
WE-PES 2013
WE-PES 2014
WE-PES 2015
WE-PES 2016
UCL Finale 15 Powerorange
UCL Finale 15 OMB
UEFA Europa League OMB
UEFA Super Cup OMB
Pro Ligue 1 OMB
Ordem3 Inline
Ordem3 LFP
Ordem CSF
evoPOWER 1 ball
Neo Pro
Ligue 2 Official Ball
myCLUB Black
myCLUB Gold
myCLUB Silver
myCLUB Copper
myCLUB White

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  1. I`m asking stupid questions now but why doesn`t it replace the default konami ball, it annoys me. Or if you could tell me if i did something wrong and how to fix it.Thanx