PES 2016 SweetFX Selector v4.0.0 By Kalasnikov Production

Download PES2016 SweetFX Selector 4.0.0 By Kalasnikov Production

Features :
+ Added some SweetFX ( You can add it )
+ SweetFX Switcher
+ SweetFX Remove

+ Launcher
> Play Game
> Settings
> Configuration : Enforce Picture Quality For Low End User

PES 2016 SweetFX Selector v4.0.0

+ Can add your own sweetFX

PES 2016 SweetFX Selector v4

+ Can delete SweetFX from the list
+ Can settings your PES2016 Destination Directory

SFX PES 2016

+ Added SwitchButton (ON\OFF) to play or stop soundtrack
+ Added Refresh Button


How to using SweetFX Selector v4.0.0
Watch On Youtube :

Credit : All beloved peoples

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  1. hey mate can u give me another link. this link is blocked in my country (India) please give me another link. Direct link so that i can download this amazing feature to my pes 16 plzzz i hope u will understand my problem. thank you.

  2. Same shit and on win 10 , all is good , till the moment to click ‘play game’- black screen is all of that shit. Other thing what a see is a few missed files in video tutorial’s folder… need to make some fix maan…. ;)
    will wait for the next update ….

  3. dude just sayin’ why the hell enforce picture make me to force 1366*768 res? and why is there a freakin’ music when i open it, u need to fix this man, just sayin’

  4. Luckily, I have downloaded but I have only one problem and that is when I started the program and also increased the quality the highest, the game is not started it just show me black scream. Any HELP PLEASE

    • don’t click play game. gives u black screen shit. afta it successfully saves the high graphics, run the game like you would normally on
      your PC

  5. I wanna use it to change the game settings bet it says file is not existing in my directory, how do i set it to work with my game

  6. I installed a Pes16, downloaded it from the internet, but my PC PAD is not working, but the same pad works with my fifa, please what do you recommend i do?