PES 2016 Remover a Torcida / Remove Crowd / No Lag by Muller Bento

Download PES2016 Remover a Torcida (Tirar o lag)

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Remove the fans from your PES 2016 and remove the lag of your game!

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  1. Perfectly Work !!!
    Run very smooth on my pc, feels like play PES 2013 with “Magic Touch”

    # Specification :
    •Intel DualCore G30 2.7Ghz
    •RAM 4Gb
    •VGA Intel HD Graphics *Onboard
    •OS Windows 10 Pro X64

    # PES 2016 Setting : Full Screen, 1152×864 (4:3), Medium Quality

    # Mods : JVPES Patch v0.1, Pitch Ultra HD By Estarlen Silva

    # Tips :

    For Medium/Low PC, use Low Resolution setting for your PES2016, actually i have 1280×1024 resolution, but for playing this game, i use 1152×864 resolution for better gameplay and performance. no lag, No DROP (It is well-known paint brands, LOL), No Patah-Patah, wkwkwkwkwkwk

    thanks a million #SFBE

  2. amigo voces ja tem a do pes 2017? preciso muito, nao existe um programa para editar a cpk do pes 2017? tentei usar a do 2016 mas a partida fica abandonando , sircustancias nao previstas