PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 21/09/15]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


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Password: BlueDiskHaven


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

Features & Credits

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  1. Portuguese ligue ( LIGA NOS )
    – Penafiel and Gil Vicente wrong teams they are in 2º divison
    – Tondela and União da Madeira are the right teams this season

  2. YESSS!!!! You are a LEGENDARY LEGEND blue disk sir! We are chanting for you in our home games man!! THANKS for this it’s stupendously GOOD mate please keep going on and on Ariston, you are SAVING our PS3 PES Manuel Neuer style!! And please… don’t listen to newbies asking for the transfers as obviously Konami will be doing it in the datapack on 8th of October so doing anything now is a waste of time lol! IF anyone wants to do the transfers yourselves then free free carry on mate! Of course, you’ll have to do it all over again next month after the datapack but hey, fill your boots! :) TIP: if you want to edit anything yourselves then download the FIFA 16 Soundtrack and add some songs from it into PES 2016 so you can listen to something like ‘Beck – Dreams’ and ‘Jax Jones – Yeah Yeah Yeah’ in your PES 2016 replays and menu :) Cheers!

  3. DT10 not work especially bundesliga player name
    DT35 i see the bundesliga in the pes league but not full bundesliga.
    save data when i copy to save data utility data is corrupted.

    Please update and fix.. thanks

  4. hello geniuses have retouched their savedata and they ‘ve changed the name to the Argentina league teams , if they are the step. A query of the kits can be edited league Argentina ? his great work

  5. Hey man this is an amazingly great mod, merci beaucoup monseigneur Haven! I hope you get some good donations for this and more people at least say thanks! One very minor problem I noticed (in case you did not) is your Bubdesliga Logo is corrupted if we choose to display it in-game on your kits. Could it be because the filesize is too big? Of course, this is wrong anyway since it’s not the correct kit logo, so not a problem! Besides we can simply add our own logo – I did exactly this and it works fine! Only reason I mention this was just in case you did not notice the graphic corruption with the logo, no complaints or anything you are the man, man! Thanks again.