PES 2016 PC vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison [Full HD] by Candyland

We compare the graphics of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 on PC and PS4. This video uses content of the release versions. PC sometimes seems to be unfinished or mixed from last gen consoles Xbox 360 or PS3 with current gen content. While players mostly look identical to PS4, the crowd and staff at the border of the playing field , turf and textures look worse on PC.

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  1. Wow, the lighting difference is striking… Still atleast we can patch the crap out of the game… I dont fancy sitting there with a ps4 controller for hours changing names/badges etc again!

    The game play is top notch, and 4k dsr & some other tweaks Its not so bad. Custom chants, Replay logos, scoreboards all add to the tons to the experience… chin up PC gamers its not so bad

  2. It wasnt long ago people were wondering if Konami would churn out another PES atall, Enjoy the gameplay instead of worrying about which res its pumping out, how hot your gpu is, worrying if all you CPU cores are being utilized by the game properly… Use it as a vacation for your GPU…

    I had PES2015 on PS3,PS4,PC.. you know I spent most time on the PC version once patched up, you wont notice stuff after Master league has its evil clutches on you.