PES 2016 Gameplay Patch (Release 21.9.15) by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch by Yair

* Fixed bugs from previous patch
* Tweaked first touch for more error in it (AI AND P1)
* Aggressive gameplay


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  1. hello.

    We would like a patch, in which everything is done correctly, for example:
    kits, faces, transfers, every stadions, shoes, goalkeepers’ gloves, balls, bundesliga and teams, correct subtitution/formation in many club team, real referee kit, correct national teams and logos in international (World Cup logo, EURO cup, Club world Cup, etc), fully verified tournaments with all teams, real position of the players.
    I think all of these should be in one patch, and not in every small patches, and just the part of them. I think we would all pay some symbolic money (1-2 dollars) for this kind of bigger patch. And It hink in this way the patch makers would be more motivated, and they would make it more seriously. The installation patch would be the best. peace!

  2. This seems like a very awesome patch.. is there a way that you can make it work for the reloaded version of the game however… Yes I will switch to 3DM for now but.. really it would be nice if you could make it usable for all versions. thank you

  3. Friends i need help … I installed this patch and everything is OK … BUT i have lost the controller configuration and the PES settings are unable to detect my Joypad … Please help !!!

  4. Nice Patch, the superstar defender not idiot anymore ( it’s ood, when we play with superstar, the P1 defender seem idiot and loose guard very often)

  5. Nice gameplay patch. In next patch pls improve goalkeepers, improve reaction time of shooting and correct sliding they happen to often.

  6. Hi,

    Could you please tell me what editor did you use?

    How can I change something in the game…the goalkeeper AI mostly, they are way to slow for the game, almost any shot in the box is a goal.