PES 2016 Exclusive Patch v1.01 (Fix Kits) by PES-Modif

* Required PES 2016 Exlusive Patch v.01

PES2016 Exclusive Patch 1.01 (Fix Kits) by PES-Modif PES 2016 Exclusive Patch v1.01 (Fix Kits)

~ Fix kits season 2015-16
~ Added Barca & Madrid 3rd kits by IDK


Install : Extract & Copy all files to folder download

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  1. Not great.
    The top teams have new kits but still lack significant transfers (e.g. Gerrard still in Liverpool), meanwhile the Championship kits are all last season and rosters are still last season.
    The game also crashes when trying to play with Manchester United.

  2. Yeah same for me crashes when i start the game for a few minutes and crashes when i try play with manchester united… Fix please !!!!

  3. hello, good effort! still can be improved :) please if you can fix all BIG trasnfers…xavi, gerrard, willian etc. still at old clubs…kits for some national teams are old ones(Romania)…and the crash when you want to play with/against Man. Utd! THANK YOU!!

  4. thank you for the patch, but it crash with manchester united even with the fix , i think is something related with belgium players, because i was looking for them and it crash too.

    • Did you erad the comments ?? it’s an update of Patch v1.0 so if you install just this files it’s normal that it doesn”t work -_-

  5. Uploader FIX THE CRASHES BC OTHERWISE S>U>C>K>S wtf is this when I play ag Man U crash , when I search for some players to buy – crash and also in Menu crash wtf

  6. This is a very impressive patch everything is spot on and it was very easy to install into the game. Its just the Man Unites crash that seems to be the only problem I can find, anyone got any help on how to resolve this :(

    • Hi Hagi,

      can you tell us the steps to install it? because I found 3 files with name : EXCLUSIVE PATCH BY PES-MODIF, PES 2016 KITS UPDATE FOR EXCLUSIVE PATCH 1.0 BY PES-MODIF, and Fix Kits 2015-16…

      more description will be helpful :) thanks bro…keep it up

  7. Hi hagi..many thanks for ur patch. I preferred yours over tonnes of others available online due to easy to install. Apart from minor line ups, transfers which can be manually done, i think its great. Appreciate all your efforts. The one and only thing I am concerned about is crashing coz f Man u. I din try with the the new fix yet. But i could see other users saying it doesnt work post the fix. Is dis completely fixed? Please advise if theres any other alternate we can do from our end.