PES 2016 Editing Tip 1 by paul2478 – Adding Images Tutorial

My first tips on editing for those of you that want to do your own edits.


Once you have your images you copy them to a USB in a folder called “WEPES” then plug it into your PS4.

Start the game & go to edit mode & under data management there is a option to import images where you can copy the images from the USB to your PS4.

Still in edit mode go to teams then strip and then you can paste the correct image for each kit.

The process is exactly the same for team emblems & manager images.


Once you have your images you copy them to a USB in a folder called PS3/PICTURES then plug into your PS3.

Start your PS3 & go to Photos & copy the images to your PS3, then start the game.

Start the game & in edit mode go to teams then strip & for each kit you will need to import images for each part of the strip. As each part of the kit is a seperate image you will need to say yes when asked to overwrite the image.

As PS3 images don’t cover the whole of the kit you will need to use some of the options in the game to make the kits look perfect.

There are plenty of images available on the sites I mentioned in my previous post, but these are the ones I will be using for my game there is only the Premier League, SkyBet Championship & Sassuola so far but lots more will be added in the next few days.

I will post more tips over the next few weeks, if there is anything you would like me to post tips on then let me know in the comments.

Happy editing, Paul.

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  1. hi paul,
    it seems not work to copy the strips, it was not allowed. is there any something wrong I did? pls teach me in details if possible.

    • Hey, I’m also a PS3 user and I really want to use the kits, but I’m not given the option on PS3 to use it, can you please show us how to use it.

      • You need to find the files on PS3 on the PS3 menu then import them. Go to the photo column on the menu and press triangle. Press display all to see all of your files on the USB then copy them to PS3. Load up the game and you should be able to import the images. If not then the files are too big and you will need to resize them on image editing program.

        • I have try to display all the picture in usb and I copy to my ps3 still not working Pls what else should I do. Help me

  2. hi paul and the hole Team. very nice. where can i download the option file for pes 2016 ble or you makes it when Konami give the first DLC out.

  3. wish to import kits for pes 2016 on ps3 but my usb port are not working. Rogero 4.60
    File Zilla client and Server working

  4. M a ps3 user but its stolen by 1of my friends,so if any 1can help me with his/her old game u plz check me out bcus m eager 2play pes2016 luv u all.may God blez us all.


    I’ve downloaded all the Barclays Premier League kits patch file onto a usb in a folder called WEPES, loaded them on my PS3 in the photo bit. Loaded the game gone into editing but yet I cant seem to get the kits on!?

    I thought it was as simple as going onto a team e.g Arsenal, then adding a third kit, going down to import and loading them on. I’ve managed to get all the emblems and managers for the BPL (which I was slightly impressed I could even do that!) Could someone please give me a step by step idiot guide on how to do it as its driving me insane! thank you.


  6. hey Paul,Its been awhile.You don’t make patches anymore mate ? :(
    I was really interested in downloading this patch but just a question, would it be suitable for BLJM 61301 Winning eleven 2016(Japanese version) PS3?
    If not would you know anyone who is doing it or have u got a link for it please??

  7. All the solutions here are for ps4 users only, we can’t import images on the ps3 when we want to edit the strip because that option is not available to us. We can only import images of managers, team emblems, competition logo’s when we busy editing them that’s it. All the images are saved on my pS3 but when I want to import them to edit the strip it states no saved data.