PES 2015 PTE Patch Update 8.4 FINAL Released 08/09/2015

PES 2015 PTE Patch 8.4 Final

– Summer transfers
– Created new players, including: J. Tah (Leverkusen), J. Weigl (Dortmund), Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio), Lass Diarra (OM)…
– Formations and shirt numbers updated
– Added new faces
– Updated accessories to some players
– New 15-16 kits for: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Swansea, Valencia, Sevilla
– Bootpack 3.0 by Wens included (opticional)
– Updated the Champions League and Europa League structure


– Necessary have the PTE Patch 8.0 installed – DOWNLOAD
– Is not necessary have the PTE Patch Update 8.1, 8.2 & 8.3 installed
– For install, follow the tutorial inside

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– Special thanks to “sonjiru”, “cueball71”, “Jesus Hrs”, “pogoss” & “rajam”

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  1. Great hard work Crab’s Burger. But why it harder playing with computer as you updates the Path. When I was playing with Previews Update I was winning every match 3-1 average. When difficulty is Super Star Level.
    Am i the only one who seeing this?
    But now I defeated every match ……

    • nawchi, Angelovski, Lanky and all…here’s the fix Dummy
      use the DpFileList Generator v1.5, the sequence like this :

      • Not working for me.. i have done just like you said, but dummy players are still there. I even reinstalled the game, and the patch again… nothing. :(

      • I have found a way to fix a dummy players, just clean install of the patch all over again, and when update 8.4 is installed, *dont try to generate with dpfilelist generator…* Everything is ok, but when you try to add some cpk and generate, dummy players are here.

        • i use my way and it’s work. for you i dont know…???
          for adding new cpk file, You must know the sequence cpk file…best regards

      • I was,and tara..still got dummy player and unamed player,and hey..just look Real Madrid,they got Park Joo Hoo..who the hell he is ? ._.

        • 1. Uninstall the Patch
          2. Uninstall your PES 15 Game
          3. Shift+Del your KONAMI Save folder in Libraries\Documents
          4. Shift+Del your KONAMI and Steam folder in C:\ProgramData
          5. Use Cleaner software, and
          6. Reinstall again your PES 15 and Patch 8.4
          I think it will work

  2. What about the dummy players? I have installed all over again the patch, and they are still here…some fix for this? This is the best patch for PES 2015.

  3. I stopped at 8.1 cos when I installed 8.3 there were so many dummy players. I had to revert. Tis so annoying seeing dummy players in my team. Afraid to try this one too because there might just be another dummy again.

  4. Hello,can someone tell me if there’s a way to fix the names of some ”Other European Teams” and the teams of Bundesliga in PTE 8.0?

  5. hi admin PTE
    will you corretion EPL arsenal club for konami league and elimination fix it ? that all arsenal team but the any team works normaly

  6. i have installed the 8.4 patch but the transfers are not ‘angel di maria’ is still in ‘manchester united’ and ‘falcao’ too. and teams like ‘borrusia dortmund’, ‘fenerbache’ don’t have their original players in their team. instead some weird name players i hav’nt even heard of. please how to fix???

  7. why my patch 8.0 not working when i install it?? it says that i have to download the 3dm crack because my pes 2015 is a fake pes.. but when i opened the web browser it cant be download.. anyone please help me