PES 2015 Editor Alpha v0.4a by ejogc327

Download PES2015 Editor Alpha v0.4a by ejogc327


Players (edit, import and export in .csv, boots and gloves (numbers))
Teams (kits)

mega mirrorcreator

Note 1: To Custom EDIT.bin put in Options Type: 1. Another, try with Type: 2.
Note 2: If find some error, please send EDIT.bin file, to try fix it.

Special Thanks: Cabry – BinFileUtility.dll

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  1. Great tool¡… each update is better¡ fantastic for create new players,among a lot of other things…Thanks so much Master.. :)

    • You can edit only teams unlicenced. But if the kits from a unlicended team are in a patch, the changes will not be implemented.

      If the kits from a unlicenced team is not in a patch, you just must:
      – Press in Teams, select the team and select Uniforms.
      – Select the Uniform and Check in New Uniform.
      – Choose every design and colour.
      – Press in Apply.
      – When you finish to edit, in File – Save EDIT.bin.

  2. Please how can i edit players in master league and if the tool doesn’t provide that can you made us a tool that i can edit the players in master league

  3. Hi i don’t know if you have been asked before but is it possible that you are going to add the “Become a Legend” option to the editor cause i try to use all 3 types and nothing worked thx