FPatch PES 2016 v1.0.0 | The Beautiful Patch by Fpedit Group

Cover FPatch16 1.0.0


Add Complete Bundesliga
Full license Premier League
Full license Bundesliga (100%)
Name / Logo / Kit : 100 %
Transfers (99%)
Start Screen FPatch
+ 10 New Stadium
New balls (15/16)
Realt Stadium Team
HD Natural grass
New Face (+10)
New Boots (15/16)

mediafire mediafire

Size : 1.05 GB

Password : –

By : Group FPEdit

The Next Update
15 to 19 September

Next Update Features:
Scoreboard FPatch
New Stadium
Graphical Menu FPatch

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  1. Stadiums are not correct eg. camp nou,santiago bernabeu they are not complete and is very bad need to fixed.also no kit bagdes for teams in bundesliga and premier league and SeriA. many other things are needed to be fixed.

  2. This has to be one of the worst mods I have seen in a very long time, and i’ve seen some garbage over the years.
    Why the creator of the patch bothered to make it is beyond my comprehension. Instead of them taking their time and releasing a really good and needed mod, with everything the way it should, they did a really poor job and then just threw the mod out there, with very few improvements. This mod should never have been released by its creator, because it causes more problems then its worth to be honest. I always thanka mod author, but all I can do here, is pretend i never wasted a single minute of my life installing it…time i can never get back, its that bad, and i’d advice others to avoid it like the plague to, unless you want a broken game, half done kits, transfers not done contrary to most claims.

  3. WTF this pacth … LOL WTF how to install. in spanish Tu estas loco ramon… que mierda de parche que te den por el culo ,,, esto no sirve guevon de la mierda.

  4. i have problems with a xbox controller
    i can not change the cursor with LB while i hold the button to run :/
    anyone help me pls
    sorry for english