PES 2016 Demo Release on 13 August – No PES 2016 PC Demo Announced Yet

pes 2016 demo release date 13 august

The happiest announcement this year, pes 2016 demo coming August 13th for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 … but when will be released pes 2016 pc demo version? We hope at least early september…

A new pes 2016 cover was also released today, Morata vs Neymar:

pes 2016 cover Morata and Neymar

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  1. I just don´t wanna to make everyone angry.
    It will be the same as last year, real or not the demo can be released on the same date as the full version, and we can get this game and demo like last year at november.
    Don´t hope for yourself getting the full game right away next month. Ever!
    KONAMI is now obssesed with the PC fans, or Adam just go cry like a baby and make excusses to the konami devs to release more late as expected. Non of us know if they are working on the PC version right now, or maybe the game for pc as been in 10% work done.
    I’m going to the beach get some sun. GoodBye.

  2. @ihatedstvandtelkomandvodacom: You know why. PC version will be modified “hacked” to the point where all the information will be revelead by the PC users instead of Konami. Gameplay will be changed and the whole game unlock, this will generate lot of youtube videos that will confuse people between the real product and the modified version. A regular user might be basing a decision on buying the product or not on a review of modified version of the game and not exactly what the original will look like, the list goes on and on. Fifa is safe to release the game because their product is full of licences, while PES cannot due to it being open for Edit Mode and all.
    I feel your pain, but we don’t want the series to be dragged down due to some “hacked mode”, or people giving feedback on a code which is not from Konami, too much at stack for a game that want to get back on FIFA level.
    1 month to go, if you really love PES, 1 month shouldn’t break you, last year we waited 2 months!!! for PES 2015.

    konami said pc will have the same release date as consoles. so, stop complaining.

        • He should complain.
          PES has fox engine and on PC, PES 2015 should have had limitless power but no, it was the same quality as the Xbox 360. PS4 had a better version of PES 2015 than PC.
          Which has more capabilities; PC or PS4??
          Answer this as well! Can you name another company giving a watered down version of their game on PC? Let me help: NOBODY DOES THAT EXCEPT KONAMI!

          Let’s FIFA has no licenses. Compare the two games, EA offers a lot more content than PES does. In fact, if FIFA was PES and vice-versa, I am sure EA would put unlicensed teams to equal PES. Konami doesn’t have the licenses but they can put unlicensed stuff in their game, yet still, we get less than 15 leagues.

          PC is the most powerful gaming platform and every company knows that and respects it. Konami on the other hand says, we are not gonna release the demo with the rest. Oh, and when you pay the same amount with the PS4 and Xbox One users, you get a worst copy. That’s wrong!!!
          I don’t see PES ever overtaking FIFA in the next 20yrs. Why?? Let’s face it by the way, the BEST “Sports Game” at Gamescom was NBA 2K because on every level as a game, it is better than PES. PES 2015 & 2016 only won it because Football is more popular. RUBBISH!!!

    • The PC won’t even be equal to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. PC is more powerful yet the game is watered down.
      The whole explanation you gave there has nothing to do with the user. They just need to secure their damn game and stop acting like we don’t pay the same $59.99 as FIFA users when the game doesn’t have half the content FIFA does.