[PS3] [BDH] PES 2016 Demo PS3 Simple Mod PS3 PKG By BlueDiskHaven [CFW]

Here I release a simple mod for pes 2016 demo ps3.
Great news being most files are the exact same to 2015 it was just about copying things over.

PES 2016 Demo PS3 Simple Mod By BlueDiskHaven

This release has
Pitch Mod, Real Sky HD, Adboards for teams in the mod.

*Note Roma has generic serie a and brazil has brasiliero adboards*

To Install just simply use the pkg file
You must have NPEB90564 Demo Version of PES 2016
You must have CFW or a way of installing pkg files


Password: BlueDiskHaven
Downloads On My Blog: http://j.gs/6OPT

It would be great to see more people interested in pes 2016
I want to hear feedback
Any donation would be greatly appreciated

Thank You! :D

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