Awesome Hexagonal Net Texture Extracted From PES 2016 Demo by Jesus Hrs

Download PES2015 Hexagonal Net Extracted From pes 2016 demo by Jesus Hrs


Copy the CPK file selected in Download folder in PES folder.
Update your DPFileList.bin…(in same download folder).
If you don´t know how to do it, here you have the tool DpFileListGenerator by Barys
and a little tutorial about to use it (Spanish and English language)

DpFileListBinGenerator by Barys 1.5 & Tutorial



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    • Hi: yes I would can do it, but I´m going not to do it…This texture is perfect and awesome this way…modify whatever it is spoil it…and it don´t deserve it…sorry..regards

        • Hi Moises: as I say you time ago, I have not installed PES 2013 , for that reason I can´t made anything for that version of PES…I´m sorry…Regards

    • There are another Hexagonal textures to add …please find them in “nets” section ,here, in PES Patch…regards

  1. Nice work! But how did you do to integrate the net of the demo of PES 2016 on PS3? Despite several attempts, no file is compatible between the PS3 and PC version for me…

    • Hi: the bin files can´t be decripted, but if you unpack the cpk´s files you can take the DDS files, because they are not encripted.
      Unpack the cpk´s with the CriPackedFileMaker tool , open them with File explorer tool,and export them like png…so you can work with them and make new cpk´s compatibles with PES2015 with these files…best regards.

      • OK thank you. Unfortunately that’s a shame not to be able to edit .bin files, I have liked to see the images present in Master League.

        • I´m affraid we must wait to Suat Cagdas update his tool “PESnextgen CFM” to can decript the bin files…I hope he do it soon..regards