PES 2015 Scoreboards All in One by Jesus Hrs




Copy the CPK file choosed in Download folder in PES folder.

Update your DPFileList.bin… (in same download folder).

If you don´t know how to do it, here you have the tool DpFileListGenerator by Barys

and a little tutorial about to use it (Spanish and English language)



qangtri78 (Replay Logos)

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  1. Thanks but why scoreboard PTE and not the other patches? You should put for Frenchies’s Team Pes, Galaxy etc… and There will be t he other leagues and competitions?

    • Hi: because I use PTEPatch…I can not make scoreboards for all Patches…there is a lot…furthermore nobody request me,and I don´t know if them like it…some patchmaker had request me it,and I have made it with pleasure…but I have made a lot leagues and they can used in any patch…
      I have stop making them because PES 2016 is coming and probably it was lost time…For this season is enought…Next season ,if its possible I´ll adapt all these and I´ll make news scoreboards (if I can)…Best regards…

        • uuhhhmmm…lo siento Moises,pero no tengo el PES 2013 instalado…y asi es imposible…he empezado este año en la edicion del PES, y lo cierto es que lo siento porque PES 2013 tiene muchas mas posibilidades que el PES 2015 en lo que a creatividad se refiere, y se que gran número de usuarios sigue jugandolo,pero digamos que yo me subi al tren un par de estaciones mas tarde y prefiero mirar hacia adelante…Un saludo…

  2. Thank you for the pack, Jesus Hrs ;)

    and… Hi, papynova. Regarding your demand : “You should put”. How come? Maybe he did what he liked, helped, could and was requested. Is one man, he made many. Be grateful for what he did… and maybe will do other scoreboards if he has the time and will. If you want something, go to the forum, send him the LOGOS, be creative as well and help him with request. Not just asking…

    Call me OFFTOPIC.

  3. hola Jesus, una pregunta!! solamente se puede tener un scoreboard, o hay alguna manera de tenerlos todos y seleccionar cual quiero para cada partido que juego??.

  4. Hola: tal y como yo los posteo,solo uno, debes modificar cada vez el DpFileLIst.bin para seleccionarlos, pero ya hay varios parches que han implementado el “Scoreboard selector” en sus opciones…Pes Galaxy, Tun Makers..y tengo oido que PTE lo implementará en el proximo…
    Es una pena que no haya una herramienta independiente que lo haga, pero es lo que hay…Un saludo.

  5. Fantastic popups mate
    If u need some textures ,i have about 100 textures for popups and scoreboards so if u want i will send to you and you can put them to PES 2015

    • Hi Zic. it would be great¡Please contact with me in Pes-patch forum,and we ´ll talk about it..Thanks and best regards¡..

  6. will it automatically change when you change league, say if you play epl then you switch to la liga will the scoreboard change too?

    • Hi: you must update your DpFileList.bin each time you change the league…It´s not automatic..
      You have all these scoreboards in PTEPatch 8.0..PTEPatch have scoreboard manager and you can change the scoreboard with the tool PTEPatch.exe..regards.

  7. very perfect but i need an answer for this, if i use Launcher PES 2015 with Tool can it be selected automatically without update my DpFileList.bin each time i change the league
    I have pte 4.01 and it is without scoreboard selector
    what can i do to avoid changing every time
    pls respond