PES 2015 PTE Patch Update 8.2 Released 25/07/2015

PES 2015 PTE Patch Update 8.2

– More summer transfers done
– Fixed the Vlad Chiricheș face
– Updated accessories to some players
– New 15-16 kits for: Chelsea, Porto, Real Madrid, Barcelona
– Added some faces to the Indonesia and Malaysia national teams (Thanks MRI_20)
– Fixed the bug with the players accessories


– Necessary have the PTE Patch 8.0 installed – DOWNLOAD
– Is not necessary have the PTE Patch Update 8.1 installed
– For install, follow the tutorial inside

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– Special thanks to “sonjiru”, “cueball71”, “Jesus Hrs”, “pogoss” & “rajam”

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  1. patch is good but he has some fouls,ervin zukanovic is not any more in A.C. Chievo Verona,he is now in U.C. Sampdoria!!!

  2. all my life I play Pro Evolution Soccer best game in the world, but now I see that slowly decays because their patches shit transfers unrealistic players have not returned from the loan does not want to afford players the pleasure and enjoyment. I hope that the next patch to be perfect and right

  3. dear pte
    I want to create a League with less than 14 teams or a cup with less than 16 teams to play with friends.but in pes 2015 it is limited and I can’t create a league with for example 8 teams. how can i do it? can you help me and crack it?

  4. Chelsea’s new kit not available. Bundesliga team’s names are fake expcept for 3 temas, coache’s pics not available… Am I wrong? I hope you keep on updating. Good patch anyway!!!

  5. Please, I need help in their patch.
    I happen to have downloaded the latest version “8.1” and the PTE Patch Launcher always gives me error, that is to open it I get this message “PTE PATCH stopped working” and I can never open. Please urgently need a help and I was amazed with his patch

  6. If previously I’ve installed PTE Patch 6.0, what I must to delete “Download” folder in PES 2015 installation too? Thanks before

  7. Yeah, soo i installed the 8.0 patch and everything worked perfectly, but when i installed 8.2 update everything was back at default, like Italian league, PEU league etc. And yes, I deleted the ‘download’ folder in PES 2015 game directory before instalation. Help anyone?

    • You don´t must delete the download folder…this way you have delete the patch…8.2 is only an update…
      You must now install again the patch PTEPatch 8.0 and after it to install the update 8.0…regards