PES 2015 PTE PATCH Update 8.1 Released 17/07/2015

PES 2015 PTE PATCH Update 8.1

– More summer transfers done
– Fixed the Ligue 1 structure
– Fixed the Emenike face
– Bayern Munich and Fenerbahçe 2015-16 kits added
– Fixed the sleeve badges position on PSV kit
– Removed the duplicate M. Depay

NOTE: It’s recommended to start a new ML or BL after install this update.


– Necessary have the PTE Patch 8.0 installed – DOWNLOAD
– For install, follow the tutorial inside

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– Special thanks to “sonjiru”, “cueball71”, “Jesus Hrs”, “pogoss” & “rajam”

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  1. Fix this problem

    Why the club back to old jersey (2014/2015) if i play uefa champions league in this pte 8?

    old jersey thats not right

  2. do not install this update. it’s like playing without a patch. the club names & jerseys are back to “north london” etc

  3. Wow great thanks you all. It works me fine and also the transfer is pretty updated but i have only two probles. One problem is that when i play more than two matches it is automatically CLOSE the application. and the Second is the players’ appearance look like little colorless.

    Any way my main aim is about THE TRANSFER and i am VERY HAPPY.


  4. Tengo varios jugadores que sus rostros son de tez clara, pero sus brazos y piernas son de piel oscura y viceversa…
    ¿cómo puedo solucionar esto?