PES 2015 Option File Converter by Rasuna

Application info:

• Use this application to convert your option file either to PC or XBOX-format.


• Simply drag drop your option file(s) to PC .bin (to convert them to PC-format) or XBOX .bin

(to convert them to XBOX-format)

PES 2015 Option File Converter

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Important notes:

• Make sure that you are using the extracted xbox option file! Use “Le Fuffie” or “Horizon” to extract them.

See also: X360 Tutorial by Tibinator360

* Start le fuffle or horizon
* Open Edit.bin (Raw from youre X360/console)
* right click & Extract file (internal Edit.bin is the file you can use with other tool for edit)
* drag & drop Extracted edit.bin into this tool (PC icon)
* open with tool for edit in Pc
* save changes
* drag & drop save & edited edit.bin pc format into Xbox360 icon
* start & open raw Edit.bin with le fufflie or horizon
* right click but now use “Replace” then select youre internal Edit.bin edited.
* Copy youre Edit.bin raw edited into x360


• Since I don’t have xbox360, I need your help to test it. And if you find any bugs, please tell me.


• Tibinator360; carby.

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