PES 2015 Stats Updater Tools Version 1.2 Full by Rasuna

Application info: This is only a simple program for PES 2015 to update player’s stats according to PES Stats Database and

Download PES 2015 Stats Updater

• Player’s link auto corrector (Suggestion by Hajnal30)
• Now support database from
• Memory usage improvement

• Open file EDIT.bin
• Select the player you want the stats to be edited
• Insert the player link to the given box

[IMPORTANT!] Please insert a valid link of the player!! Ex:
• Apply changes, and don’t forget to save the file.

Important notes:
• Make sure that you are connected to internet while using the tool.
• This tool only changes the player’s ability! Player’s general information like Player Name, Nationality, Age, Position will stay remain.
• You can apply, example, Messi’s stats on Buffon’s, since it’s only changing the selected player’s ability.
• Stronger Foot in PSD tab is always shown as “N/A” since PES Stats Database doesn’t provide such information on their database.
• If you find some bugs, please tell me, it helps me a lot to develop this tool better.
• You can reupload, share, duplicate or repost this tool to your own website, if you wish. Or if you want to make money with my tool by redirecting it to an advertisement sites – I don’t know what does it called, such as ad*.ly, it’s not a problem for me.
• Any requests, comments, critics are welcome

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator

• coragi; nesa; carby; Dima Stefantsov; goldorakiller; Yusuke Kamiyamane

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