PES 2015 Scoreboard FOXSport with & without Liga MX logos by Jesus Hrs

DownloadLink PES2015 Scoreboard FOXSportScreenHunter_2133 Jun. 02 04.42PES2015 Scoreboard FOXSport

ScreenHunter_2134 Jun. 02 04.42 ScreenHunter_2138 Jun. 02 04.43

5 ScreenHunter_2146 Jun. 02 06.12


-Copy the CPK file choosed in Download folder in PES folder.
-Update the DpFileList.bin file (in  PES Download folder also)adding the CPK.(In last position)
Here the tool DpFileLIstGenerator by Baris and a little tutorial about to use it..

LINK DpFileListGenerator 1.5 & Tutorial:


My gratefulness to all the PES tool makers, without them nothing of this would be possible ,specially to:
– Jenkey1002
– sxsxsx
– Barys
–And to the PatchMaker Donyavia by one of his templates for a suitable positioning of the logo in the right corner superior, avoiding so it bothers the vision of the pitch, quite habitual thing in the rest of the Scoreboards.

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  1. Es solo scoreboard o tambien contiene replay logo de fox sports?

    É somente placar ou repetição logotipo também contém esportes raposa?

  2. Jesus H puedes hacer el scoreboard de fut azteca?? es del un canal mexicano estaria genial que lo hicieras