PES 2015 Master League Editor 2015 by buhalo88

Here’s a program that makes transfers to the ” Master League ” ! Better later than never!
I like to work properly , and you do not know. Use caution, make a backup.

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  1. Hi: it doesn´t work…(I execute it as administrator but it doesn´t load the teams and players)…any solution?..thanks in advance..regards..

  2. Thanks friend :), you know if there is a hack to choose the club you want to be in the next season … I mean when you finish a season, the game lets you choose to stay at the club or go to another but only lets you choose a club of each country: / I want to know if there is a hack to choose the club that I want and that’s the tottenham so far not come offer me

  3. why my ML editor doesn’t show player
    i think it’s because the language only can read russian and can’t read english please fix it

  4. A mi me da error cuando estoy dentro de la Liga Master,al interntar negociar con algun jugador,por que puede ser??

  5. thanks for the patch, helped me a lot. transfers on master league are so random, I saw retired Barca capitan in Real Madrit team. Only probelm is I can make only 17 tranfers. Is there any soultion?