Here I release [PS3] PES 2015 New Ultra Mod [MOD BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] [BDH]

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Download PES 2015 PS3 New Ultra Mod 04 May 15

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This Mod is for BLUS31480 / Duplex & BLES02088 game versions.

Special Thanks @ Sargox

Password: BlueDiskHaven


*Check the changelogs page regularly to see what’s been updated*


Mod Feature List & Additional Information:


Edit Option File Save Data:


– Various Edits

– Unlocked 50 balls

– Chants (Manutd, juventus, barcelona, real madrid, Bayern Munich, etc)

– Added 100 boots

– Added Gloves

Licence Mod:

– Kits

– Logos

Real Faces Mod:

– Real Faces (40+)

For list of faces check:

Stadiums Mod:

– Pitch Mod

– Adboards (Hicksville and Majuh)

– Real Sky HD (donyavia)

Menus Mods:

PES 2015 AIO Official Datapacks Updates:

PES 2015 AIO MOD SETUP FULL: *For Beginners / First Time Users of this mod*

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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Special Thanks @ Sargox

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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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  1. Just to go over the biggest changes
    Updated the savedata v1-5 & patch v1-4
    Added optional version of the Stadiums Mod

    First the updates for the savedata and patch changes:
    Unlocked 50 balls, Chants for teams like Manutd, juventus, barcelona, real madrid, Bayern Munich, etc, Update 100 boots. Gloves & more!
    Newcastle 4th kit and new save data icons

    The optional stadiums file has LED Adboards which is like different animation effectson the adboards although the filesize is big but you can try it out and choose which one you prefer

    Big thanks to Sargox for the update

    By Faith Genesis Raven & Sargox

    Stay Tuned!

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  2. How do I install the LED adboards? I’ve done the download of the parties but do not know install

  3. @Wallace, copy to your PS3 hdd0/game/BLUS31480_DATAPACK or BLES02088_DATAPACK, Replace BDH_Stadi.cpk, don’t forget backup your old file.

  4. gracias amigo!! esta excelente este parche, me gustaria saber como puedo tener la budesliga full

    • Real faces has been updated to v1-3 which adds Lucas Silva with a couple of others

  5. First of all I noticed there are some issues with the recent release
    Something that’ll help (those with freezing issues) is to re do the entire setup
    delete the datapack in game data copying the files again then rebuilding the database
    does seem to improve things at least for me, not sure if its because the patch and stadiums being bigger now
    but if your not having any issue (freezing wise) then you do not need to do this

    I have added the old version of the patch and savedata if your having issues then switch back
    if you still have issues after switching back then you’ll need to redo the setup with the old files
    ofcourse with the old version you wont have the balls etc… which where added to the new release

    Although you can just use the old savedata you do not need to replace the patch for now
    If your having any freezing issue

    If your have any freezing issue i need decent info rather than just freezes
    Teams, Kits, Ball, Weather conditions, Stadiums, Day or Night
    Need as much info as possibile so I can find the issue and fix it because there’s different possibilites

    Balls wise yeah have noticed a few being incorrect if it bothers you can switch to the old savedata
    which does fix some of the balls but then it’ll be back to default amount

    Issues with some of the balls I’ll pass it along to Sargox and hopefully he’ll fix it asap
    May be a new version of the patch or maybe just a savedata will have to wait and see

    Thanks for the reports it does help, I know may be sometimes annoying if you encounter an issue
    I do test every release to make sure I get ingame and play a few matches
    but with pes 15 being a big game with many different possibilites teams stadiums weather conditions balls etc…
    its hard and would take far too long to fully test it and reporting / opinions etc… does help
    I like hearing feedback just remember to make it fully detailed like mentioned above

    I’m currently finishing the next version of the licence which will be pretty neat
    It will have new kits and logos

    Stay tuned!

    • Try what I mentioned in my post above yours if you have freezing issues
      Just redo the entire setup with the latest files

      After if you still have issues you can use the older patch and savedata
      and redo everything again

      Personally I dont have issues after what I mentioned above