PES 2015 Liga NOS Scoreboard Sport TV With and Without Replay Logo
by Jesus Hrs

Download PES 15 Liga NOS Scoreboard Sport TV by Jesus Hrs Link PES 2015 Liga NOS Scoreboard Sport TV Created by Jesus Hrs
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-Copy the CPK file choosed in Download folder in PES folder.
-Update the DpFileList.bin file (in  PES Download folder also)adding the CPK.(In last position)
Here the tool DpFileLIstGenerator by Baris and a little tutorial about to use it..

LINK DpFileListGenerator 1.5 & Tutorial:

My gratefulness to all the PES tool makers, without them nothing of this would be possible ,specially to:
– Jenkey1002
– sxsxsx
– Barys
– To the author of the program “CriPackedFileMaker”, of which I do not know its name…
– And to the PatchMaker Donyavia by one of his templates for a suitable positioning of the logo in the right corner superior, avoiding so it bothers the vision of the pitch, quite habitual thing in the rest of the Scoreboards.

Special thanks to Rajam for his scoreboards templates in wich is based this work and quangtri78 for his replay logo.

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    • Thanks Hagi: it is a pity don´t know it sure, because i think it is a essential tool for all the graphics creators,anyway I will make case to you and I will adjudge a to ElPocho96..Thanks again..regards.

  1. Ive downloaded all of your scoreboards but this zip always gets blocked by my antivirus as infected, never had that before at all.

    • Hi:I don´t know what are you talking about, but if this is this way,it is easy..delete it..Regards.

  2. Just stating that ive downloaded hundreds of mods and zips and also many of your scoreboards but this one gets “snatched” as soon as it hits my hard drive from my anti virus, pretty sure its false positive but still a bit strange for just cpk files.

    Great work by the way, best scoreboard maker for the game this year.