PES 2015 Bootpack Update April 03, 2015 by ABtodaC /me

Download PES 2015 Bootpack Update April 03 by ABtodaC /me

This bootpack using original konami boots. All boots in proper ID slot. The game should already had DLC 4 installed, so you won’t have random assign to any players. Put BootsDLC4.cpk into your download folder then you can edit DpFileList.bin and put it on the list.

special credits to 19Tha for many brand pack; alphatexture for remodeling adizero model.mtl (very big thanks), agan ipungas for rename most of new boots in boots.bin. all preview using Ron69’s style.


1. put BootsDLC4.cpk to download folder (DLC folder)
2. edit your DpFileList.bin

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