PES 2015 AC Milan Realistic Adboards HD Full Sponsor by Zikint

Download PES2015 AC MILAN Realistic Adboards HD

Part1 :!Usl1wRKS!G4nbZW…S95mZYy4ZmLZxA

Part2 :!5xMExaoA!F3yqQO…Ub1G1QOoFczoHU

Part3 :!Ig9hGahY!E8ZB7w…v1v-fugBojKrxE

Part4 :!pk9iQIgC!T_gocQ…FsJJXEHiEb659Y

Additional PS4 custom start screen :!1skygTSa!W8MMYK…OfQIqOkk7r_sGc

A. Billboards :
Movie Billboard AC Milan Addboards, Combine billbody.
Accuration Animation & fxs 95% Real.
All Motion last I made on Februari 2015, (AC Milan Home Base Latest Matchday on February 2015)

B. Movie File
Format : .Avi Video File Encoder to .usm file
Size : 373 Mb
Duration : 14mn 03s
Width : 1024 px
Height : 64 px
Frame rate : 29 fps
Aspect Ratio : 16.00

and finally packing back addboards you to .cpk
little tutorial here :

Extract .7z file
in the installation folder (Program Files \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 \ downloads \) before unloading your addboards file, and copy the folder “Milanisiti” into it.
open the config.xml file and add the parameter “milanisti” to the stadium that you want.
example inside readme.

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