The First and Bigest Graphic Patch for Master League & Become A legend And all backgrounds Patch By babaei007

Download 2015 NewBest Graphic Patch V0.1 By sepahan-pcPES2015 New Best Graphic Patch V0.1 By sepahan-pc

uploaded uploadboy

Creator: babaei007(Iranian Editor)

Size: 12MB



*In CPK format
*New Styles and Pictures for Master League AND Become A Legend
*New Graphic icons in ML and BAL
*In very low size(~12 MB)
*new extara HD Background:
Uefa Champions League(UclMainMenu,MatchMenu,OnlineMainMenu,Plane)
Uefa Europa League(UelMainMenu,MatchMenu,Plane)
Uefa Super Cup(UscMatchMenu,Plane)
Online Competitions
Extra menu
Edit menu
Exibition menu
*New Icon in main menu
*Used a variety photos(Best teams and Players)
*Used of photos HD
*New Title & Start Screen HD
Including Full Menu with 12 MB  For the first time!

More screens :

PES 2015 NewBest Graphic Patch-0V0.1 Untitled-1 copy

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