[PS3] PES 2015 Ultra Mod [MOD BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] [BDH] Update 30.03.15

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

[PS3] PES 2015 Ultra Mod Update 30.03.15

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This Mod is for BLUS31480 / Duplex & BLES02088 game versions.

Password: BlueDiskHaven


Check here regularly to find out which pages got updated
Changelogs: http://pastebin.com/LkL1uwrx

Edit Option File Save Data:
Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save files to the ps3
Download: http://ow.ly/Ij7FO

dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos):
Download: http://ow.ly/Gw79g

dt34.cpk Mod (Official Kits)
Download: http://ow.ly/KlOsQ

PES 2015 Official Datapacks, Updates & Backup dt cpk files
Download: http://ow.ly/FkdeV

(Unofficial Updates and Mod Pack requires latest datapack and update from link above)

BDH Unofficial Update Data Pack / Modded Datapack:
Download: http://ow.ly/KlOxz

BDH PES 2015 FAQ (I’ll answer people’s questions here)

Additional Information

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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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  1. Just to talk about some of the big recent changes
    the adboards are awesome now there’s team specific ones and league specific ones they look great

    Added / Edited Boots (havent tested fully to see if theyre all added)

    Improved J-League & Liga MX

    Also been fixing issues that people have reported if you encounter any please tell me but before so make sure your using the latest files

    Hope you enjoy my mod :) Have Fun!

    Also I would like to thank to the few people who donated
    its greatly appreciated and helps me for my other projects

  2. I can’t find S.Gerrard in liverpool line up, is he retire already ?

    And Real Madrid 3rd kit is having a little miss position in the “world cup club champion” logo. That logo should be placed below adidas logo (for the 3rd kit only). 1st and 2nd are fine.

    Anyway I’m really enjoy playing PES2015 in ps3 since I used your mod, thank you so much.

    It will be so much great if you can add unlicenced stadium too in your next mod. You can start from adding Santiago Barnabeu first if you want to try….lol

  3. mediafire Please…because when im using mega, it always says error…. and dt15.cpk link is dead…. reupload Please and thank u for the Mod ^_^

  4. Hi Just to say the mod has went under quite a few changes recently
    now its custom cpk rather than modded cpk

    and the links and stuff here needs to be updated
    i cant edit the post, i’ve submitted a new page so hoepfully thatll get posted soon but for now you see my thread in forums

    until the new page gets posted on the main site