PES 2015 Pack Stadiums Turf version 4 by danyy77

Download Packstadiums Turf v4 by danyy77 PES2015 Packstadiums Turf ver 4 by danyy77


He has improved the color of the grass, the pack includes the version v3 stadiums starlen silva + fix + new turfs (edited by me).

-This Pack is tested with the patch sun evo, and is compatible with the version 3.00 patch 1.03. (In theory estarlen silva honest with other patches and should work fine) the photos are of the same pack.

packstadiums by estarlen silva
new turfs danyy77

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  1. so this is the final version you say but there are more stadiums for example estadio do dragao and much more love this by the way

  2. The best turf is found in FIFA 2015. It is 3d, and realistic, and in winter it can display water splash. In PES 2015 they did not work on that, and I think the reason is it will become very heavy on PC whether strong or weak. Very little people are playing FIFA 2015. It kills the PC even if it is removed. I played PES 2013 after deleting FIFA 2015, and it became very slow. The game has a bug, but according to Graphics it is top, and hands of players, body, and everything is better. Only bug (virus) that comes with origin.