PES2015 DpFileList UPDATE v1.8 by ProITBoy

Introduction: A soft is very useful for editing PES 2015 DpFileList, make it more easy and convenient.

– If you don’t know how to edit DpFileList to add favourite Data Packgaes to your game, this soft help you do it easily, by only one Click, help you to go deep into editing by Manual Support.

– If you has already know how to edit DpFileList, this soft help you edit fastest and most easily with pretty skin, you can apply over 200 Data Packages for your PES 2015.

Version: 1.8

Download PES 2015 DpFileList UPDATE v1.8 by ProITBoy

Release: 15/03/2015.

Requirement: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (with DLC Version 1.00/2.00/3.00/4.00).

Update Features:
– Compatible with any DLC Version (from 1.00 to 4.00).
– [Sider – Juce]: auto turn on Sider when lauching game (by this soft).
– Fix a small error: new code fixxed error in updating list file in DpFileList.

General Features:
– Maximum Data Packages (255 Packages including KONAMI DLC) for PES 2015.
– Minimum [DpFileList.bin] size.
– Make Back-up Option.
– Auto create an empty DpFileList if your game doesn’t have.
– Compatible with any Data Packages.
– Two optional language: English and Vietnamese.
– Auto apply KONAMI DLC 1.00/2.00/3.00/4.00.
– Optional KONAMI DLC: E, J, A, U.
– Pretty and modern skin.
– [Smart UPDATE] help you edit fastest and most easily (by only 1 click).
– [Manual UPDATE] help you edit correctly and much fast.
– [Launcher] (PES 2015 and Settings) help you launch PES 2015 at once you complete edit by this soft.
– [Sider – Juce]: auto turn on Sider when lauching game (by this soft).



– Uninstall old version then delete full folder of old version.

– Extract.

– Run Setup as administrator. 

– Run launcher as administrator. 

Writer: Phúc Kido – ProITBoy (come from VietNam).


2 Languages
Settings with DLC 1.00-4.00
Main Form (with Sider *NEW)
Custom DpFileList
Insert Data Pack to DpFileList Easily
Remove Data Pack(s) easily

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  1. Why is my PES2015 DLC 4.00 got corrupted after i generate it with this dplfilelist update?? Is the patch im using not compatible??im using pes-nation patch…

  2. Thanks! I had problem with dpfilelist generator by Baris, couldn’t figure it out what the problem was. But yours did the magic!

  3. Hi i used this progam and i couldnt continue my saved matches as master league or become a legend, now every time it shows an advice saying that I HAVE ANOTHER VERSION AND I HAVE TO UPDATE