PES 2015 Albania Patch – AlbaPatch v1.0

Download AlbaPatch v1.0 For PES 2015


– Full Barclays Premier League
– Full Sky BET Championship
– Full Ligue 1
– Full Ligue 2
– Full Serie A
– Full Serie B
– Full Eredivisie
– Full Liga BBVA
– Full Liga Adelante
– Full Liga NOS
– Full 1.Bundesliga
– Full Brasileirao Chevrolet
– Full Primera Division
– Full J.League
– 5 New Teams: Red Bull Salzburg, Dymano Moscow, Dnipro, Young Boys, Club Brugge
–  All fake national and classic teams corrected and kits for all fake national teams
– Real Adboards For A Lot Of Teams And Leagues
– New Boot Pack by Ron69
– New Balls by cRoNoS
– Latest Chants Pack (64 Clubs)
– 2 Packs With New Improved Faces (thanks almost all facemakers)
– HD Pitch
– Snow Pitch on Winter(Day/Rainy)NEW*** by Donyaiva
– New Stadiums (v3) by Estarlen Silva
– Corrects Kits,Emblems,Coach For All Teams On All Leagues
– Fixed Boots, Accessories And Tactics
– Real kits, logos and names for all unlicensed teams, leagues and competitions
– Real kits and players names for all unlicensed national teams
– Real players names for all unlicensed Brazilian teams
– Real badges for all leagues
– Commentator names for all unlicensed teams
– Compatible with Data Pack 3.00 and KONAMI Patch Version 1.03.


Note: This patch contain offline version,but if you have original DVD and want to play online,just download the 1.03 official version from HERE

How To Install Tutorial VIDEO

Some Pics:


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  1. It seems really very much to PTEPatch 5.0 or not?…¡the logo is even the same!…I think someone have little shame guys…

      • Perhaps,but I don´t think it…at least you should change the cover logo guy…it is not either too much difficult…

        • Well, here you have right and that’s why you think of PTE.
          YES man ,I have grabbed this logo from PTE 5.0 but please don’t predudge.PEACE!

          • Nobody want war guy, but please…you do not take us by idiots…and respect the works of the authentics Patchmakers,and at least put his credits…

    • Faleminderit ,Megjithate kenaqesia me e madhe do te jete kur te keni mundesi te luani me kombetaren shqiptare ne Become a Legend,Materlige apo direkt ne boteror ose europian.Kjo do te shtohet ne v 1.1 pasi sqarimin e kemi bere tel faqja jone ne fb PES 2015 Albania.

  2. Admin pershendetje kam nje problem me kepucet mercurial dhe magista kur hy ne loje pjesa e siperme “qorapet e kepucve” zhduken ndersa tek edit ato jan normale kam Bootpack 3.1 by Ron69 ju lutem ka ndonje mundesi se si ta rregulloj !!? Faleminderit sa per patch esht thjesh fantastik respekte per punen quna

    • Pershendetje Martin,nuk e kam hasur kete problem me pare,por besoj se do te jete dicka me versionin e lojes dhe dlc.Per tu sqaruar me mire te lutem me kontakto ne inbox ne fb “PES 2015 Albania” me rreth 840 fansa.Faleminderit!

  3. best patch for me, thank you
    – Finalize all tranfers
    – Improve lawns stadiums
    is when the new version please ???

    • Sorry but now for now,there is just 1 link.Maybe next days or the next version of patch will have mirror links.Thank You!

  4. I play 3 seasons on footbal life master league and in 3rd season the game stop working.I start new season and this time the game stop working in 17 match of 1st season.Where can be the problem?

    • What team have you chossed each season and whats the point of “stop working”.I mean in game?menu? Please explain clearly.Sorry for your seasons! :)

    • Ne skemi bere ndonjehere patch per PES2013.
      Megjithate,pa na paragjykuar hidh nje sy tek faqja jone ne fb “PES 2015 Albania” dhe aty ke te gjitha sqarimet tek postimet.flm

    • Thank you,We also have released v2.0 + update for it,but seems to have some bugs.However V1.0 is very good also.Thank you very much :) You’re welcome :)