[PES 2015 XBOX 360] FO JOHNCENAWWE v4 Released 04-02-2015

Download XBOX 360 FO JOHNCENAWWE v4 Released 04-02-15


– Compatible with the DLC 2.0
– 100% Barclays Premier League (Kits, Logos, Names Coaches, Coaches Photo, Rivalry, Names Stadiums)
– 100% Sky Bet Championship (Kits, Logos,Names Coaches, Coaches Photo,Rivalry,Names Stadiums)
– 85% Ligue 1 (Names Coaches, Rivalry, Names Stadiums)
– Ligue 2 (Default)
– 100% Series A (Rivalry, Names Stadiums)
– 100% Series B (Kits, Logos, Names Coaches, Coaches Photo, Rivalry,Names Stadiums)
– Eredivise (Default)
– 80% Liga BBVA (Names Coaches, Rivalry)
– Liga Adelante (Default)
– 85% Primeira Liga (Kits, Logos, Names Coaches, Coaches Photo) [NEW]
– 75% Bundesliga (Kits, Logos, Names Coaches, Coaches Photo, Names Stadiums) [NEW]
– Added the Kits of the following National: Argentina, Croatia, England, Japan and Algeria[NEW]
– Correct 50% of the fake names of the players of the National
– The Hamburger SV, Borussia Dortmund,Borussia Monchengladbach, FC Augsburg and Hertha BSC have the entire team with relevant abilities [NEW]
– Performed 55% of the transfers of the session wintry[NEW]
– Added The Logos to all Competitions
– Updated names of all Leagues and Cups
– Added Photos of Luis Enrique, Benitez, Ventura, Ancelotti, Simeone, and following coaches of national: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia and Switzerland [NEW]
– Updated more than 65 Faces with Internal Editor [NEW]


How to Install :
1. Take a usb stick, format it on the PC, connect it to the console, go to Settings> Memory> select the key and configure it
2. Connect the USB to the PC
3. Open Horizon
4. Click Inject New File, select all the files that are in the “FO JohnCenaWWE Pes 2015″
5. Wait for Horizon to finish copying the files on the stick
6. Reconnect the key to the console and move the files to the HDD

A thanks Goes:
Rocky5 for the converter, C.White for the uniform of Serie B, xCavani95x for the Borussia Dortmund

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  1. I do all 5 steps. 6 step which files move in xbox and in which folder? And do you need DLC, patch or other work to have to put? Thanks for help.

  2. when I put everythingto xbox 360. and I start the game on the setup memu comin a new update. And it mix everything? what can I do?

  3. Hi john.
    I’m on mac and i can not download Horizon. Do you have an other idea to put this OF on my xbox ?
    Thank’s :)

  4. Please Add the Kits of National: iran, Australia, South Korea, USA, Uruguay, Belgium.
    Thanks for your patches..
    Please please please…

  5. I have Xbox 360 Arcade version…if u know i have 256mb HDD.i try with previous patch to install in a usb stick but i didd’t anything…Can i put this files,for example into the usb stick another from HDD drive?

  6. Hye. I want to download this 4.0 patch. Is that okay if i just download the 4.0 version without download the old version?
    And what version of title update this patch working?

  7. bonjour je telecharge les patch etc mais on me dit que les patch ne marche pas car mon pes n est pas à la mm version de vos patch que dois je faire ou puis je trouver des patch region EUR PES 2015.PAL

  8. please we want new pes 2015 patch for xbox 360 with dlc 4.00 .all stadiums .all kits .all real names .and all languages