PS3 PES 2015 File Edit Mod By FGR [BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] (07.02 release)

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[ONLY FOR CFW (Custom Firmware) / ODE (Optical Drive Emulator)]

Note for changelogs and download links you’ll see them on the pastebin page
Included instructions with each download and if you need more help check out the faq
Also that I’ll updating the pastebin pages so remember to check them regularly.

Mod Feature List

List of Changelogs / updates

Edit Option Save File Data:
Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save file to the ps3

dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos)
Replaces the dt15.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game

dt34.cpk Mod (Official Kits)
Replaces the dt34.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game

[BDH] PES 2015 DpFileList Mod
*Replaces the one in the datapack copy this one last*

PES 2015 Official Datapacks, Updates & Backup dt cpk files

(Unofficial Updates and Mod Pack requires latest datapack and update from link above)

BDH Unofficial Update Data Pack
(to install same as datapack)

BDH Console Pitch & Graphics Mod Pack By PESMONKEY Pack:
(to install same as datapack)

BDH PES 2015 FAQ (I’ll answer people’s questions here)

Additional Information

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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  1. Hi,

    thanks for your work.

    I made the Graphic mod work, but the other ones (Logos and Kits) won’t work :-(

    I put it in the game’s USRDIR.. I erased game data and tried again. Rebuilt database. I put the last DpFileList.. Still the same…

    Maybe a problem with the DpFileList?

    It is weird because English teams have their correct 3rd kits, but fake 1st and 2nd kits.

    • the dt15 and dt34 cpk files are meant to go into the actual game/backup of pes 2015 not the game data or datapack

      so try them in the game backup itself

      • Oh, that’s what I was doing wrong!

        Thanks a lot buddy! Everything is working well now.

        I will make a donation soon.

        PS: just to tell you that there’s a minor bug with Bosnia’s jersey. The names and number are appearing very pale, making them barely visible. Otherwise, everything is perfect.

  2. Thanks for the feedback I’ll try to readjust the jersey
    Let me know of any others
    Thanks for the donation :)

  3. Updated added datapack v4.0 other things will be adapted for it later
    Only mega links for now I will provide mirrors soon
    because therapide is gone and I’m having issues with mediafire
    im testing some other hosts and will provide more mirrors soon

    please remember as always to check the pastebin pages for updates as the links on the thread I don’t change them in order to update I just simply edit the pastebin pages on pastebin, I have the page List of Changelogs / Updates, check it regurly to see whats updated as I will be doing more updates now since, 4.0 datapack is now here and I can adjust things and decide what I want to do for future updates

    Thanks for reading

    Note some big changes coming soon so look forward and stay tuned! :)