PES 2015 Relink Chants Tutorial by Secun1972

Tuto_1 and Tuto_2
This tutorial is for those who know hexaeditar.
Special Credits: Txak – Cronos
All this have explained Txak and Cronos, without them would be impossible.

Check the thread here.

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  1. thanks but i have one question how we can change the sound? I mean if we extract CHANT.awb file we take files like this 00000184.hca which chant match to which team?

  2. for example if i change barcelona chant slots to use them in another team like manchester united. In game when i play with manchester united i listen barcelona chants. how to change it?

  3. i mean how can i change the sound only. in my example how to change barcelona chants with manchester united chants or with apoel (is licensed team) chants