PES 2015 PTE Patch 4.0.1 Update Released 05/02/2015

Download PES 2015 PTE Patch 4.0.1

– Necessary have the PTE Patch 4.0 installed
– Read the instructions inside before install


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  1. PES2015.exe – Application Error
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

  2. no new transfers
    Patch 3 was perfect but 4 is very bad
    really I uninstall patch and replace it by another TUGA PATCH

  3. what is the reason of “Pes 15 has stoped working?
    i just installed all versions of pesgalaxy patch so far & it dosnt work!!
    even updated game to v 1.03 version but still got that problem!!!
    any solution plz?!!!!!!!

  4. used the error 0xc0000142 fix from the pte patch site and the game is working again, but my team celtic, all the correct player names are now gone all its all made up names.

  5. ps .. its also changed the player models , while patch 4 didn’t have exact faces, some were close or correct colour but totally different faces and bodies maybe stats too when i used the fix for 4.01

  6. i just reinstalled 4.0 over 4.01 fixed one, so now have 4.0 with 1.03 patch but data pack 2 not 3, not sure if data pack 3 messed up celtic squad and took out 3/4 team in the other european teams but now i have patch 1.03 and data pack 2 and celtic correct again and the 3/4 teams back .. i think that means data pack 3 messed these up, what was in data pack 3?

  7. its not working, it wont open pes2015.exe because of this error “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). help pls plsss :(

  8. para resolver este problema tens de ter o novo jogo tomb raider quando tu enstalares dentro da pasta vem uns ficheiro chamado steam.api copie todos os arquivo q tem este. nome e cola. na pasta da pes 15 si. nao teres TB procure um jogo q o tenha eu mi deu 100 ce rto esse manbo do regedity nem sepre da certo god luck