PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 Option File 15 February 2015

Hi guys, I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I have done a new update compatible with Data Pack 3.00. To save time this update only includes the new files, so before adding it you need to make sure you have the previous update (Jan11), then download the Data Pack, then add the new files. The update contains…


All J-League teams have been added, there are a few players missing (mainly young players) and only a couple of appearances have been done so far. Only Shimizu S-Pulse have their kits done at the moment, everything else will be fixed in the next update.

All NT’s now have the correct kits, as I posted previously I have had to compromise on some GK kits due to space.

Other Teams
Steaua Buchresti have been created to replace the last Other European team. Audax Italiano, Santiago Wanderers and Universidad de Concepcion have been created to replace some of the Other South American teams. No appearances have been done yet, but everything else is done, the last two Other South American Teams will be replaced by Avai and Joinville in the next update.

I have completed all the transfers for the teams I have created. For the in game teams I will wait for the next Konami Data Pack.

Classic Teams
Every player has now been used to create current players, they have been renamed Other Players A and Other Players B.

Team Imports
There are also two team imports you can use if you choose, they are Rangers and Crewe Alexandra. These teams can be imported over any unlicensed team.

There are a few other things such as updated West Ham kits with their new sponsor and the new Portuguese Primeira Liga logo as well. Between now and the next data pack I will add the last two teams, missing kits and missing players so the OF is ready for playing ML/BAL. After that I can get to work on updating things like player player appearances and improving kits.

This was never mean’t to be released, so there may be the odd error. I’ve done my best to make sure there are none, but if you notice anything then let me know.

Enjoy, Paul

Here it is my PES 2015 OF :) You need the latest Konami Data Pack v3.00 for it to work, if you get a error saying can’t load because you have a different version this is the problem

You need both links Jan11 1st then Feb15 to get all the files.




Team Imports

Rangers & Crewe Alexandra



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  1. Unable to load.. and i confirm my version is BLUS but its shows different version… and i tried other version (BLAS / BLES ) it won’t load as well…

  2. i cant…my pro says cant loaded this files because not for this edition,…i have version 1.03.00 sorry for my english please help me!!!

  3. Sorry Paul, but some of Bundesliga’s have their uniformes changed, for example, Borussia Dortmund is with Hoffenhein uniform. I would like to have these problems fixed in the next update. Thank You!!

  4. for the file transferring..
    1.Format the USB (better has only one folder and without any other folder)
    2. create PS3 folder
    3. Create SAVEDATA folder ( then copy the patch file and store in there)
    I haven’t done the step one before and the system cannot recognise the save…after I format the USB… its work

  5. yes…. please update the real Dortmund squad and uniform and also the other teams of Bundesliga’s
    thanks Paul

  6. Hi all,
    I’ve successfully copy the files into PS3 via USB. But when I enter the game, no change in the team kits, player names… Is anyone have same problem as I do?

  7. @Derek

    USB -> PS3 -> SAVEDATA -> put all the files

    PS3 -> USB data -> wait all files to upload (probably over 1000 files)
    -> copy all the files and over write current files

    have you waited for all the files to upload? this should work for sure
    since i have done same for mine and it worked fine.

    Or have you downloaded the correct version?

    • Thanks M.

      Yes, I did twice and made sure the version & data pack are in line…. Still nothing happened. really frustrated…
      Let me do it again over this weekend.


  8. Hey Paul !! just waiting on the new patch for datapack 4.0…in my opinion u should not worried about faces or coaches it just take to much space n ur time. i removed all coaches and just added team uniforms and batches and i have an awsome time playing the game.
    thanks again for the hard work u put to make this happened :)

  9. Hi Paul

    I appreciate the patches that you do but i’m failing to download the file from Mediafire, it keeps failing to download. Can you maybe please upload it to another service??



  10. Hi Paul, been eagerly awaiting the next update since February! Any idea on when we might be able to get our hands on it?