PES 2015 PC Patch Tuga Vicio v1.0 Released 19/02/2015 + FIX v1.0.1

Transfers 2015 (NEW)

Compatible with online mode
Compatible DLC 3.0
Update 01/03/00

Download Patch Tuga Vicio v1.0

All licensed teams:
LIGA MX (Full) (NEW)
Bundesliga (Full)
Brasileirão 2015 (add Avai, Ponte Preta, Vasco da Gama) (Full) (NEW)
Bhaia, EC Vitoria, Boot Fire in Other America (NEW)
J.League (Only Structure, Logos, names of teams) (NEW)
Brazilian teams of Competitions (Libetadores Cup, Copa Sudamericana and Copa Sudamericana 2014 Fixed)
New Teams (Malmö FF, Red Bull Salzburg, Fenerbace, Dynamo Kyiv, Celtic, Trabzonspor, Crvena Zvezda, Club Bruges) (Full) (NEW)
Equipment of all leagues (Full)
Competitions logos (Full)
Emblems of the teams (Full)
Correct names of the players of the national teams (Full)
Name coaches (Full)
Names of stadiums for all teams (Full)
Badges for all leagues (NEW)
The names and logos of the cups
Correct names classic teams
Correct color of the teams
Over 1,500 new faces (NEW)
Some players with tattoo

Addons: (NEW)
Pack Stadiuns
Pack Chants
Pack Adboards

Pes Selector: (NEW)
Optional to activate: Pesmonkey – Pitch & Weather Mod V1.0, HP PES, Referee Kits, BootPack, Replay, Chants, Adboards, Crowd
Language: English and Spanish Inglês

Entrance Scene (Only in the next update)
Lack the squads of the J-League
Lack the transfers of Argentine League
Missing the new logo of the Brazilian League 2015



1- Install PES
2- Install Patch v1.0. Choose your Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 folder
3- Install Addons if desired
4- PLAY!


The error of the resolution have nothing to do with Patch. Good games!


Team Tuga Vicio:

Pesmonkey – PES2015 Pitch & Weather Mod:
Firas Zinou

Special thanks:
Phenomenon, EmiratZ, Jelly, cRoNoSHaCk, Chrisi20, RAKA’S, Mayo, MarioMilan, TUN MAKERS, Ron69, AMussoullini, Txak, Juce, Cleiton Silva, FootballMania, QPES, kpt1, KRj, 3011HD, Prince Shieka, majuh, mikrof28, QPES, Nemanja, G-Style, Estarlen Silva, SXSXSX, VANGHELZ, PES EDIT, IEPURE TWISTEDLOGIC, PES MONKEY, WILLIAN HENRIQUE, kpt1, PantelG7, bono10, starmann65, danyy77, Secun1972, Tibinator360, kpt1, Amir.Hsn, mariomilan, AM, Bono10, Sameh Momen, JACK, Hawke, Kairzhanov, saviogoncalves1995, DzGeNiO, Andri_Dexter, Hicksville

All facemakers and all kitmakers.

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  1. Great, let’s try it. Will you add the transfers in Argentine League in 1.1? Or it’ll be a kind of “fix”? Appreciated the patch.

  2. estica,é aconselhavel fazer uma “clean install” ou posso instalar por cima da ultima versão? e desde já,obrigado pelo excelente trabalho realizado, que grande patch!!! ;)

      • acabei de instalar e tenho aqui dois problemas, no pes selector, as previews dos estádios e o stadium pack não dão para activar,sabes o motivo? no dp file list, tanto os estádios do estarlen e as adboards estão instaladas…

  3. i have some questions…

    liga mx its full?
    transfers correct?
    ronaldiñho in queretaro Fc?
    the players are correct names and avilities?

    nice parch

  4. Realy?? the european teams is just copy & paste from the pte patch and you guys don’t even give credits.

    This is stealing.

      • My first patch for PES 15 it was the Tuga Vicio, then i installed the pte and im using the 2 since then.

        I`m a Crvena zvezda fan and the players are exactly the same and pte have created the Crvena zvezda firts.

        Fenerbace, Dynamo Kyiv, Celtic, Trabzonspor, Crvena Zvezda, Club Brugge, Malmo and Red Bull are copy & paste from pte and pte have created this teams first, not before as you say.

        So you guys are thieves and liars.

        For me Tuga Vicio is dead

        • Buddy, how can you even know who copied who? And if so, what’s your problem? Be it Tuga Vicio or PTE, you’re getting a free patch to play your game as realistic as possible, and it’s incredible that you complain about it.
          You are talking as if Tuga Vicio is a copy from PTE, and that is exaggeratedly wrong. Download whatever you want, and enjoy the free work that other people do so you can enjoy a game. It’s a shame what you are doing.

          • Becuase pte have created the teams first and they are exactly the same.

            And is not “exaggeratedly wrong”, is teams like Tuga Vicio who are destroying the pes comunity. Look at PESEDIT, they stop because people like Tuga Vicio who don’t respect the work of the others.

            I have 27 years old and i always have created content for PES and I know the work that this gives. Stealing work from others is disrespectful.

    • It’s not a copy, we have more teams maded but they are not in struture yet

      we have

      dinamo mowscow
      and many oyhers but thay hidden for futrure updates

        • Me too “anything I include using selector, doesn’t work.” Even stadiums and Adboards and Chants do not work although I’ve downloaded and installed as shown in the video

          • Well, I think I have been able to resolve the problem one way or another
            In the beginning I’ve activated the option of the original online game even though I do not own the original game, and of course the game did not open, so I’ve deactivate option of the original online game and entered the game
            And somehow stadiums, boots, adboards, balls and chants worked

  5. Hey Estica, may I ask another question, will you guys have J-League in the next update? Just wondering, I don’t really think I’ll play a lot with J-League, but it’d be a great detail to complete the “eradication” the fictional leagues. Keep up, congratulations.

  6. Manchester United’s keeper Victor Valdes face is big bug.
    Please fix it in next patch.
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  7. seria bueno que podrias actualizar la copa bridgestone libertadores 2015 seria genelia con todo sus camistes reales todo completo por favor se mucho pedir???

  8. Added in download: FIX v1.0.1 – (Entrance Scene and put offline mode as default)

    Some players are with the wrong color, then the team will update the patch.
    Use the PES SELECTOR / INFO because the team will release weekly updates.

  9. Hi guys, have you fixed 3rd kit for barclays premier league teams in this version? It has many fake, even my liverpool doesnt have 3rd kit :(

    Anyway, great patch, thank you!

  10. Also I don’t know it’s just me but Munir and Sandro Ramirez are in Barcelona and in Barcelona B(no faces).Will this be fixed?

  11. [PES 2015 PC] Chants Pack 1.4 (All in one) by Secun1972

    * Download for Tuga Vicio V1.0 + FIX V1.0.1:
    Chants pack 1.4 for Tuga Vicio not have the file Team.bin, that file is in the PTE patch, the authors have already licensed clubs. Good
    Tested, works perfectly.
    Delete the file TugaVicio_Chants.cpk before putting the new one, not overwritten.
    Copy and paste the new file TugaVicio_Chants.cpk inside the folder download.

  12. Why your tugavicio.cpk is impossible to open with created cpk file or cpk manager?

    You take kits and anything in other patchs and you protect your cpk!!!! It s not intelligent!!!

  13. hey, why you have same adboards to all the teams??the previous patch was better in adboard. plz can you make it like the version 0.9???? plz!! you guys are soooo great!!

  14. hello sir
    i have a problem some national team like iran have a corrected player name in friendly match.but when i go to master match or become a legend .they are not corrected except 2 or 3 players.
    and another is when playing in freindly the name of iran is irao,but it is corrected in bal or master league.
    please help

  15. Hi guys
    After Installed, I try master league. then at the time europe match no one is standing left and right in game plan menu. i push kick off but loading is long time.anyone can helpme?