PES 2015 No Grain Turf Mod v5 by Fruits

What’s New ?

– Added no replay logo for all competitions
– Slimmer offside line
– Tunizizou no effects on emblems
– Colors adjusted in order to achieve the most real turfs possible
– Crowd update from River Jin with some details changed by me (the purple rain coat on both winter and summer matches)
– Reverted all the previous shadow and light tweaks to konami’s default (need to study them more and try something PS4 alike)

Download PES 2015 No Grain Turf Mod v5 PES2015 No Grain Turf Mod v5 by Fruits


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  1. I usually do not post comments but this turf deserves it. Working with all stadiums for me and with any weather. Nice improvement! ;)

  2. this v5 compatible with stadiumpackv2byestarlen, but the color is so greener than v4 in camp nou, i dont like it, i back to v4 or try the other

  3. Please describe….i’m using Pes Galaxy, but i added these pitch mod…

    if i want to use this mod tm_v5, do i have to delete them all, or ..which one of them compatible and increase the beauty of the game with this mod?

    thank you

  4. It looks brilliant, but how can I install it? I can’t believe people who make such good things usually don’t do any tutorial. :(

  5. hey, looks astonishing but i just miss the “ballindicator” (little white cross) when you play high balls, etc.
    Is it possible do put it in again?