PES 2015 New Mode Turfs For Stadiums Estarlen Silva V3 by danyy77

Download PES2015 New Mode Turfs For Stadiums Pack 3 PES 2015 Turfs For Stadiums Pack by danyy77

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stadiums by starlen silva v3
turf “pitch_nrm” modified by me and some colours (danyy77)

credits: Estarlen silva
danyy77 archivo “pitch_nrm modificado y colores” file pitch_nrm modified and some colours

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  1. still waiting for cpk file. the file can only be inserted by using a tool something like file loader at pes 14. and we don’t use that at pes 15. mr. jankey, where are u now????

  2. I am downloading using mega plugin in browser and all 3 mega links fail decryption at 99 percent, ive tried many times and they all fail.

    Can this be re upped to mega correctly please?

    Uploaded is such a poor fileshare.

  3. UPDATE: I have a mega account and imported your files to my cloud, then downloaded without using plugin and they all fail, so it needs a re up.

    • hello, Ricardo. thanks for giving me a solution to install the file. i don’t understand what you say, but i’ve got the point. i have now applied the file. In .cpk format of course.and the result… amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. it works a thousand % for me. thanks a lot.

  4. estoy subiendo la versión a CPK,mejor que esta(he mejorado el color de algunos césped en modo invierno)la subo en pesedit(fórums/graphis)

  5. Great job man and creative!! but some of the play grounds turf look cartoonish better if you retain the original konami turf for the licensed stadiums like Allianz arena.