PES 2015 Arsenal Face Pack by shamrik_gunnerrs – Link
PES 2015 Mosaic Pack By Adhy15 – Link
Includes : Manchester United, Juventus, Inter milan, Ac Milan, Bayer Munchen
PES 2015 EPL & Skybet Facepack By Andri_dexter11 – Link
Includes : Haidara, W. Hughes, Austin, Chalobah, Ledley, Gibson, T. Ince, M.B. Diouf
PES 2015 Ultimate HD Pitch V4 AIO by donyavia – Link (Password : donyavia16) = Invalid or Deleted File.
PES 2015 Luiz Adriano Neck Tattoo by Sho9_6 – Link
PES 2015 World FacePack Volume 2 by Hawke – Link
PES 2015 Replay Logo Pack v2.0 by Pesmonkey – Link

Released: 16/02/15

This pack contains replay logo wipes I created that have been ported over from Pes2014, along with bran with new replay wipes for PES2015.

A couple of notes:

** Apart from WC2014 which is accurate the rest are fantasy animations and not based on real versions (apart from the logo obviously).
** Screenshots for WC2014 & BT Sport are taken from PES2014 (hence the scoreboards that dont exist in Pes2015).
** This is the final release – so no requests.

– Choose from each folder which replay wipe/logo cpk you want to use (only one can be used at a time on game load).
NOTE: Each folder has a screenshot to view.
– Use a cpk modloader tool and set the cpk you choose to highest priority.
– Make sure no other replay wipe mods are loaded

CREDITS: Logo animations/editing/renders – Pesmonkey
Software used: Photoshop CS3 | Sony Vegas 13 | Scaleform | CRI Packed filemaker

* PES 2015 Ultimate HD Pitch V4 AIO by donyavia Features :

Tutorial in Archieve

-New Pitch
-Detail Turf
-Weather Mod Snowfall
-Weather Mod Heavy Rainy
-Weather Mod Pitch Condition
-Snow Pitch on all stadium
-Real Turf and Colors Turf
-Fog Mod on Snowfall
-Compatible with 41 stadium estarlen silva

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  1. Flamini,Maitland niles,C.Akpom,D.Martinez,S.Ajayi,M.Macey,K.Bielik.


    could you do the faces mentioned above? thanks
    great patch

  2. Hi guys , sorry ca n you please upload again Ultimate HD Pitch V4 AIO by donyavia who has it because i google it but all the download links are dead ?? Many thanks.