SunEvo 2015 Patch v2.0 For PES 2015 – Released 19 January 2015

This patch is not AIO, you need SunEvo 2015 Patch 1.0 and SunEvo 2015 Patch 1.01 FIX

New Features :
Update transfer until 17/01/2015
Included DLC 2.0 and Patch 1.02
Added MLS League (real kits, emblem, squad still fake)
Added New Teams: BATE, Celtic, Maribor, Trabzonspor, Basel, Fenerbahce, etc
Added 600+ faces international and isl
Added New Adboard (ISL, Indonesian NT, Full Bundesliga, UCL, AFF, Generic, etc)
Added New Bootpack: CR7 Gold Boots, C4 Puma Boots, Magista Pogba Boot, etc
Added New Ballpack
Added Retro and Leaked Kits for some teams
Added Texture Mod
Update Real Madrid 14-15 World Club Champion Kitset
Update stats ISL and Indonesian NT
Update New Camera Entrance
Fix Indonesian NT in BAL
Fix bug in previous version
Compatible online

SunEvo 2015 Patch 2.0 SunEvo 2015 Patch v2.0 SunEvo 2015 Patch version 2.0

Selector Features :
Enable / Disable Slider or Entrance Scene
Switch Referee Kits (Premier League, Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga, etc)
Switch SweetFX
Switch Pitch and Graphic Mod
Switch Online / Offline Mode
Switch Replay Logo (Premier League, Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga, etc)
Switch Corner Flag (Premier League, Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga, etc)


Team Patch: Ahsan, Agam Syah Fadila, Angga Indra Pratama, Fiqar Achmad Mursyid, Kalasnikov, Kautsar KRj, Misteri Bukanfacemaker, Adhyastha Waluyo, Adventista Jholynd, Donny Avia, Irvanlana Miljan VikingPersib, Nugraha Aji, Ra Dan

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    • yeah…i agree with mahmoud…and pls include 41 stadiums and full fix faces and kits to all league…then SUNEVO would be the best patch ever!!

      • thanks muiz
        graphics are very important to me but this year konami made pc version very bad
        i hope if any one could make better textures of the crowds and turfs like ps4 it will be the best patch .

  1. Apakah di Master Liga pemain-pemain ISL(Indonesia) sudah kompatibel dengan Timnasnya??? Soalnya yang patch dulu tidak bisa dipanggil Timnas karena Timnas Indonesia replace Jordan sedangkan pemain tetap Indonesia & itu mengecewakan…. Selebihnya kereenn, Sukses buat patchnya.

  2. I’m Author Texture Mod. I do NOT permit you for use in that patch, because you NOT RESPECT the Authors, you publish in your site ( mohammadahsanulm.blogspot … ) our works and add & change the Original Author’s LINKs or thou economic benefit many hours of work and effort of others. THAT IS THE TRUTH. (Other websites like pes-patch RESPECT the Author’s rules. Thanks.)

  3. kira2 kapan yah tuh sun evopatch ada tim indonesia mantap ? apalagi klau komentatornya sesuai namanya ini dia yg sy cari2 sebab sy main game bola dri winning eleven 8 belum ada sampai sekarang seperti yg sy maksud ? … good luck terima ksih buat para team patch semoga sehat selalu dan cepat selesai tuh patch

  4. sy yakin ama sunevo besrta teamnya kalau para pecinta bola indonesia tahu termasuk para donatur dari team nas dan leage pasti akan mendukung dan memberikan donasi untuk team ini agar semoga sukses

  5. Please fix! The Sun Evo patch 2.0 not working :( Windows 8.1 black screen the game not playing !! Why? Plz!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edit sendiri gan ada tutornya kok cari aja di atau youtube gampang ni ane edit pake HxD editor

  6. mohammadahsanulm <<<<< NO DOWNLOAD in his websites or facebook.
    This disrespectful usurper Admin. STOLEN, ADD add or CHANGE the Original Author's LINKS to PROFIT from the work of others.

    These actions will cause the authors STOP SHARING Next works. Because your NO RESPECT you will harm the entire PES / WE community. We the Author's are tired of this.

  7. PES Mod Makers notice:

    SUN PC GAME CENTER & mohammadahsanulm NO RESPECT the Real Authors (Mods,Faces,Kits,Boots,Balls,Sounds,Stadiums,Patch) Makers.
    These usurpers STEAL, ADD or CHANGE Original Author’s LINKs for profit economically the work of others.
    They are making money every week STEALING the works to the Real Makers. THIS IS FAIR? !!!

    Many makers have STOPPED SHARING their work, or STOP EDITING, because they are tired of this INJUSTICE.
    (Only the Real Makers may decide to do with the links, add shortens or not, understand. But only the Authors of these works) .

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    Thanks for your understanding and RESPECT to the Real Makers.

  8. Wow, awesome patchhh, HEBAT, berharap sngt2 sunevo buleh masukkan (aff suzuki) team malaysia dan malaysia super league dlm update sterusnyeee, baru GEMPAKKKKKK, FIVE STAR I GIVE YOUUU <3

  9. i think part 6 is corrupt! I have tried download 5 times with IDM or not Still corrupt after I extract that file! please anybody can help! or for author please fix it! ( saya rasa file urutan 6 corrupt, saya sampai bosan download 5 kali dengan IDM atau tanpa IDM tetap aja filenya corrupt pada waktu saya extract! tolong perbaiki file nya! )

  10. I have completed download and it all works, thanks bro…
    But I still have problem when I want to play online “Your version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is out of date. Please update to the latest version and reconnect”.

    How should I do…? please help me. Thanks Bro…