Sider v2.0 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 by Juce

Sider 2.0 For PES 2015 by Juce

NEW in version 2.0: fixed issues with freezing apps on 64-bit Windows systems.

Turned out it was happening on 64-bit Windows systems (7 and 8) due to nuances of 32-bit/64-bit applications and how they interact. Should all be good now, please give the new version a try, if you run a 64-bit Windows, or even if you run 32-bit Windows: there’s a cool new icon now.

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  1. i cant play pes15 bcoz its slowmotion!! plz someone tell is there any solution or file or sofrware to fix this problem?
    it was smooth before i install Pesgalaxy2! then i installed game over and over without patch but it still slowmotion NOT LAG!
    Tnxs guys plz i need your help

    • Try running it as adm. Check that ur game speed isnt turned down in game settings, and 1 more thing right click on the desktop icon off PES and check and make sure its using your graphics card and not on board graphics.

      • didnt work!
        its already update
        my GPU is amd HD!
        does it have special settings? i mean Tripple bufferin or Vsync or something else?

        • what is ur system info?
          i guest ur system is a few weak and when u install a patch it will be slow down
          first uninstall pes 2015
          then delete konami folder from drive c/user/konami…
          then restart the pc and install game again without patch :)

    • Bonjou,à tous j’ai installé le patch ultimate franchie’s team pes v 2.0 sur mon pc j’ai correctement appliqué les demandes de l’installation mais quand je veux lancer le jeu il me marque (sider,sider for pes 2015) et il ne fonctionne pas donc s’il vous plait de l’aide je n’arrive vraiment pas.

  2. Its like the lod mixer in file loader for making graphics high for low end pc’s and set custom resolution and aspect ratio :D

    • Yes, I agree.. but that was the case of last year’s lod mixer. What I had in mind was enhancing the players detail during gameplay, just like in 2013 version.. :)
      Best regards

  3. hellllppppppppppp i have problem pes 2015 when i play witch my brother 1-2 player i win all time when i play 1player when i play 2 player i lose all time 1player is more speed more good together we play same team same strategy i have this problem pes 2014

    i have pes patch 3.0 dlc 2.0

  4. I have problem with sider 2.0. I use Tuga vicio patch and when i play league mode, in matchday 1 everything is ok, the entrance scene and the lineups are ok, but when it comes matchday 2, 3 etc.. there is one short entrance scenes without tunel and lineups, only players on the field and kick off….tell me how to fix the problem if you know..thank you…